Tablet holder for DJI Mavic Air advice


For MP , there are 2 options . Mounts where the tablet obscures the controller screen and mounts that enable you to still view the controller screen. The later mounts wrap around the controller and tend to cover up some of the controller air vents , which I think is a bad idea. The tablet is also closer to the antenna but the antennas can still be angled upright and there is no degradation of signal that I can tell . My preference is to be able to view the screen but have a mount that doesn’t restrict the controller airflow - so - I ordered …

yesterday .
It mounts onto the controller like the most popular quality brands and enables me to flick my eyes onto the controller screen in case tablet looses connection with the controller .
It’s from Norway - I think it’s a good price but you have to pay an additional £3.80 import duty.
Really looking forwards to giving it a go .
But now I’ve written all this garb … I’ve noticed you’ve got an Air . DOH … maybe useful info for someone else .