Tablet Questions

Evening Guys!

I know this has been asked several times! But looking for some insight!

I currently use my Mavic 2 Pro with my Iphone XS MAX.

However, im considering getting a tablet.

Now, i swear by Apple however i cant justify the cost of a Mini 4 just to use with my Mavic.

Any resonable options for a second hand tablet that would suit? i looked at the Nvidia K1, but there hard to come by.

Not looking to spend much. up to £100. £150 at a push.


When I bought my Mavic Pro it came with RE goggles and a Huawei MediaPad T3, it had very little use and the person I bought it from swore by this.
I have never used it as I have a iPad Pro so can’t really comment.
Argos and Amazon are selling these for under £70.HTH.

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Pretty sure the T3 only works with older versions of Go4.

Could be a problem if newer features were needed.

Ill try and find the discussion.

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T3 is great but you may find it a touch underpowered.

I used iPad 2 mini but could not view on bright days, bought a nexus 7 2013 from fleabay for £30 and hardly ever needed the cumbersome hood did not drop signal and easily hackable to run nice apps plus 2gb ram which is great.

This is curious. I was trying to get my Nexus 7 2013 working with the DJO Fly app but it was having none of it. Turns out you have to be using a 64bit ARM processor for the Fly app or it just isn’t going to work.

Original question here was around the M2P which uses DJIGO :wink:

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t3 works perfectly for me. I don’t have a newer drone so use the older version of dji go. I just installed the latest version and it works fine, obviously I cannot test it due to not having a current drone.

I used it with Mavic Pro!! plus modded NLD DJI GO App.