Tablet sun-shade for Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite 8"?

I’m thinking of getting a sun-shade for this tablet, used in the normal position on a Mavic 2 Zoom controller. The tablet can be set to good screen brightness but still struggles in bright sunlight.

Does anyone know if the Pgytech L168 hood would be a good fit (width, height, but also tablet thickness), or whether I would need to switch to an upper tablet mount for this to be effective?

Hi, does anyone use a Huawei mediapad M5 lite 8 inch as I’m trying to find a good sunshade to fit it , there are loads on Amazon but just wondered if anyone knows a good one that will fit the 8 inch I would appreciate the help.

That’s for ipad air2 I think it fits 9inch.

Thanks but thats to big , I have one for my ipad but its to big to fit nicely but thanks anyway

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There’s a dedicated thread here Barry @BCF that might be worth a bump.

There may be others too, I’ve not searched hard :grimacing:

Hi Barry,

Being a quirk of the M5 Lite size I couldn’t find one, and I searched high and low for ages. Nearest I got was this but with a little nylon cotton and 4 applications of super glue it works a treat. L168 size

Tineer DJI Sunshade

And this is the mod to get it to fit the M5 Lite