Tablet sun-shade for Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite 8"?

I’m thinking of getting a sun-shade for this tablet, used in the normal position on a Mavic 2 Zoom controller. The tablet can be set to good screen brightness but still struggles in bright sunlight.

Does anyone know if the Pgytech L168 hood would be a good fit (width, height, but also tablet thickness), or whether I would need to switch to an upper tablet mount for this to be effective?

Hi, does anyone use a Huawei mediapad M5 lite 8 inch as I’m trying to find a good sunshade to fit it , there are loads on Amazon but just wondered if anyone knows a good one that will fit the 8 inch I would appreciate the help.

That’s for ipad air2 I think it fits 9inch.

Thanks but thats to big , I have one for my ipad but its to big to fit nicely but thanks anyway

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There’s a dedicated thread here Barry @BCF that might be worth a bump.

There may be others too, I’ve not searched hard :grimacing:

Hi Barry,

Being a quirk of the M5 Lite size I couldn’t find one, and I searched high and low for ages. Nearest I got was this but with a little nylon cotton and 4 applications of super glue it works a treat. L168 size

Tineer DJI Sunshade

And this is the mod to get it to fit the M5 Lite


Putting the rubbish out the morning and came across a black box that once held an expensive piece of clothing! :thinking:

As I can’t find a Sun-Shade to fit my Huawei, I set about making one. One hour later I have Version 1


You got any more of that box left? :rofl:

Let the spending begin… Grabbed a Mini 2 from Argos yesterday, and already started hitting Amazon… one of those hobbies that goes on grabbing money :joy:

Anyway I digress. I have a Huawei Mediapad M5 8" tablet which I will be using, and looking for an appropriate “Sun hood / Sunshield”.

Anyone else using this popular tablet and what sunshade are you using? I would rather go by recommendation than just hit Amazon, did that previously with my MP1 and Anafi and ended with all sorts of ill fitting rubbish.

Sure there is going to be lots of questions for recommendations on this little beauty.


Congratulations on the mini 2 and the mediapad although lots of us that use it have been stuffed by the latest DJI update for the fly app but there is another topic covering that if you have the same problem as most of the rest of us . I’ve not been able to find a sun shade for it so I turn the screen brightness fight up full and I’ve got a Matt screen protector and to be honest that’s very good especially compared to my iPad mini 5 as that’s terrible in sun light.


Or look :eyes: up for my home made Sun Shade :+1:

Hmmm now you have me searching for M5+DJI Fly Issues :slight_smile:
Not that I have had any (as of yet), application has been connecting fine on the couple of times I have tried it, so fingers crossed.

I have searched hi and low for sunshade and doesn’t seem to be anything out there, so it looks like its going to be a DIY job.

Definitely going to invest in the matt screen protector as linked by Sparkyws, the before and after photos show a significant difference which should really help, and pumping brightness up full.

Thanks for the info, now to go see what problems I might be walking into with DJI Fly and M5.


Protectors ordered, was convinced by your before and after, many thanks for that.


The topic on here is DJI fly app updates , hopefully you are ok but lots of us are a bit stuffed until they sort it . Yes sunshades are not easy but there are a couple of guys on here who did a fantastic job of self build . The Matt screen protector and turn the screen brightness right up to max and you won’t go far wrong especially as the battery on the M5 lasts forever anyway . I’m sadly still stuffed with mine as cannot stop the auto update to version 1.4.2 and that makes the live feed from drone to screen choppy and glitchy unless it’s recording then it’s fine but hopefully with enough complaints they might give us a update . Anyway best of luck and happy flying.

I assume you have turned off all the options for auto update on the tablet and rolled back to the previous version?

In need to run with live video feed to check mine, I must be honest and say I have only run it on the bench at the moment, now I see what the problem is I can have a deep dive and see if I can stop it doing an auto update if I have to roll back to the earlier release for the time being.

I have a list of all the addresses we blocked on the MP1 to stop the drone talking back to DJI, I am sure some of those addresses must be used by DJI Fly, but its going to take some digging and testing to find the other addresses the app is talking to, and then block them on the M5 using something like “NoRoot Firewall” or “AFWall+”.

Hi guys. I thought I’d repost my DIY work around with regard to the. sunshade and M5 Lite issue

I used this

And DIY’d it thus. Strong nylon cotten and plenty of super glue. It’s a tad on the small side width wise by about 4mm but otherwise works a treat
sunshade 1
sunshade 2

I had the same issue. I got around it by putting it into airplane mode, turning off auto updates over WiFi, telling it to forget my home network and tethering it to my phone before filming to get GPS live map updates. As the phone creates its own 4G WiFi hotspot the app doesn’t recognise it as a legitimate WiFi signal so won’t auto update the app.

Hope this helps

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