Taking 360 Panoramas Manually - Anyone? ;)

So - if I roll back my firmware, I lose panoramas (which I rather like).
I’m on Android … so Hanger360 isn’t an option.

I guess one could take them completely manually … tho a digital compass in the app would be an immense benefit.

Anyone ever tried?

This is what the Mavic does / what you’d have to do …

  1. Set Triopod mode
  2. Set exposure
  3. Turn off upper tilt -30deg limit.
  4. Pan fully down. “Click #1”.
  5. Up 30deg. “Click #2
  6. Up 30deg. “Click #3
  7. Up 60deg. “Click #4
  8. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #5
  9. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #6
  10. Up 60deg. “Click #7
  11. Down 90deg. Right 20deg… “Click #8
    12 Up 60deg. “Click #9
  12. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #10
  13. Up 60deg. “Click #11
  14. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #12
  15. Down 60deg, Right 20deg… “Click #13
  16. Up 30deg. “Click #14
  17. Up 60deg. “Click #15
  18. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #16
  19. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #17
  20. Up 60deg. “Click #18
  21. Down 90deg. Right 20deg… “Click #19
    23 Up 60deg. “Click #20
  22. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #21
  23. Up 60deg. “Click #22
  24. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #23
  25. Down 60deg, Right 20deg… “Click #24
  26. Up 30deg. “Click #25
  27. Up 60deg. “Click #26
  28. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #27
  29. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #28
  30. Up 60deg. “Click #29
  31. Down 90deg. Right 20deg… “Click #30
    34 Up 60deg. “Click #31
  32. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #32
  33. Up 60deg. “Click #33
  34. Down 30deg, Right 20deg… “Click #34
  35. Relax!

Looking at those layouts, I’m thinking that doing an entire row at a time might be an easier route …

Pan right down. Take 1.
Up 30deg.Take 1 every 60deg. (x6)
Up 30deg. Take 1 every 40deg. (x9)
Up 30deg. Right 20deg. Take 1 every 40deg. (x9)
Up 30deg. Right 20deg. Take 1 every 40deg. (x9)
… gives you the 34pics as per the Mavic.

Just a silly thought … that I may try some time.
Of course, it doesn’t put them in nice folders, so you need to keep track somehow.

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Holy shit that’s an impressive list!!!

If it’s any help, when I used to use Hangar360 it’d do the second method… it’s set the camera angle then rotate around 360 degrees collecting all the photos at that angle, then it’d drop the angle of the camera and perform another 360 spin.

Probably far easier to do it this way manually.

Just set a good reference point I guess?

Or use the map view on the GO4 app, as this also shows the orientation of your bird too :+1:

Great post mate :smiley:

Seems far more logical. Knowing me, I’ll give the “Mavic Method” a few attempts. I like a challenge! Ha!

I may make some kind of template that I can stick on the phone screen.
I may do them all at 40deg steps so that one template fits all.

What’s the saying? “God finds work for idle hands!”?

I’ve not tried myself but does Litchi not support panoramas?

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Probably. But that costs £££. :wink:

Got a lot on at the moment to squeeze out of a pension that’s not what it was supposed to be. Have to justify spending. (Says the man with a Mavic! LOL)


Sounds like you want a challenge more than anything else.

Interested to see how it works out.

You have more patience than me mate.

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Litchi does and has been on sale occasionally, works very well, although I find the inbuilt DJI Go one works pretty well and of course costs nothing…

@OzoneVibe what do you find so wrong with the current firmware?

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Just want to tweak some settings … because of where I live.
Otherwise, more than happy with it as it is.
Not made up my mind yet. Exploring how to best get around the loss of pano.

As for Litchi … see above post. Can’t justify £ atm.

OK - Finally got around to this.

Totally manual capture.
25 images.
1 straight down.
8 each at 45/0/-30
Manual exposure

I switched Go4 to map mode to guess the panning angles … starting off pointing due North.
After each set, I obviously had to switch to FPV mode to adjust the camera pitch.

Another time, I will try better vertical overlap by doing the one straight down (90), then 8 at each of 50/10-30.

Overall I’m really pleased with the first attempt.

Downside? It’s slow to do.

Incidentally, I used a shot 90deg to the sun, with 25% sky / 75% ground to base the manual exposure.


Wow… I admire your dedication (and patience!) Dave :smiley:

I’d imagine you could probably burn an entire battery doing this manually?

It came out well though? I’d not have been able to tell, had you not said :+1:

Could you not have used Litchi to take the pics for you?

Litchi could have worked … but for my use I’m not sure it’s worth the £££. This is more to determine if there are ways to get a better result.
I should have taken a Go4 pano in the same location … to compare results.

It didn’t take too long - 3 minutes for all 25 pics. Not bad for a first attempt.
Even the Go4 360 takes a few seconds over 1 minute!

Also, of course, when I started this thread, if one rolled back firmware one lost pano … there wasn’t the modded version that kept it.

I think at that time I was contemplating rolling back and wanting to create 360s.

If you click on the full-screen button, then take the link to Kuula, then take the full-screen from that, then zoom in to the river … you can see loads of great reflections! :stuck_out_tongue: