Taking drone over overseas to fly? DJI Altitude (etc) Restrictions?

Hi all,

So I understand the restrictions we have here regarding drone use and that the DJI M2P enforces these restrictions. If I was to take my drone to say the middle of the Sahara, would it recognise that the UK restrictions doesn’t apply and would let me fly higher than the limitation needed in the UK, for instance? Not that I have any particular plans at the moment to do so but y’never know.


Chances are you’ll get your drone confiscated at the point of entry to most countries that border the Sahara.

Morocco let you have it back again when you leave … for a fee.


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Ok, possibly bad example with the Sahara (oops) :slight_smile: Somewhere in Russia? Apparently there are no altitude restrictions there according to https://drone-traveller.com/drone-laws-russia/

Essentially what I’m curious about is if the drone will set its restrictions based on location or if as it was a UK purchased drone that any restrictions applied to it will apply wherever you use it?

And am I right in thinking that my M2P won’t fly above 120m/400ft as it’s locked to that altitude limitation?

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The Sahara is in Africa - not the Middle East. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The maximum altitude is a configurable setting via the GO4 App… IIRC it’s unset by default. Same with maximum distance.


Of course it is. My geography isn’t terrible, honest!

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But is there a maximum maximum? :thinking:

Ah! I assumed it was locked somehow. I’d know that if I took it out of beginner mode. Thank you!

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:slight_smile: The altitude and distance maximums are just below the toggle for beginner mode :wink:

Get yourself an MP a nice firmware and the clouds are your oyster :wink:

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Without going and looking it up, I think the M2P is rated for 5km straight up.

My firmware won’t allow me to check if there’s a maximum maximum. You can’t confirm the non-existence of something.

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RTFM? :wink:

(6km, not 5)

Service Ceiling is how high it can physically fly, nothing to do with the altitude restriction above take-off.

Ah, I understand now. Right, got you. Yes. No idea if there’s a hidden maximum if you just leave it unset. I feel vertigo on occasion just looking at the footage from 120m, not sure my stomach would handle a test of 1000m even if it were legal :wink:

Someone would still complain that their privacy was being invaded.


See that pixel there! That’s me! Delete that video!


"See that dead pixel there … " :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’m wrong… just checked. On the app it states the maximum altitude is from 20m-500m. Trying to clear the field entirely or setting it less than 20m and it just goes back to the previous setting. Can’t type in any value over 500m at all.

On the DJI website it states the maximum altitude of the M2P is 500m so I guess that’s across the board regardless of location.

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