Taking off from a boat

Has any one taken off from a boat?
Just need to know if there’s any setting to be changed on the Mavic pro 2 flying straight over water.as wouldn’t mind getting some shots and footage of the red sands forts before they collapse


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You may like to look at his recent thread Finally flew from the boat! Sad about the results .

Things to consider …
a) moving boat? … keep Home Point updated!
b) there WILL be objects when returning to the boat (more-so if sailing rather than motor - but depends on the boat) so Obstacle Avoidance off.
c) Precision landing off … and if hand catching, downward sensors off (or you can’t easily catch it!)

A launching/catching handle like @ash2020 has made (see that thread) seems like an excellent idea!!

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BE AWARE. If you turn on the Mavic with props turning and then place the Mavic on a boat that is ‘bobbing’ up and down, it will take off by itself and hover, then if the boat is moving forward, the boat will hit the Mavic as the Mavic will be hovering on the spot. Hand launching is the best way.
Apparently as the boat pitches down, the Mavic senses that it is airborn and instantly starts to hover.


Interesting …. I must try simulating this using a hand-held sheet of plywood … in the garden. :imp:


That’s a new one on me Brian, and kinda worrying too! So just start the rotors, so they’re spinning in ‘tick over’ mode, and it’ll rev them up and take off on its own under certain conditions? :scream:

@LutonRoy Personally, if flying low over water, I’d turn off the downward VPS, regardless of hand catching or not :slight_smile:

“Dad!, there’s a nutter next door, flapping a piece of plywood up and down trying to get his drone in the air!, it will never get off the ground ,ya know”:rofl:


I’d be really impressed if that happened. The child was only born 2 days ago. :wink:


MP on sheet of plywood.
Started motors.
Got Home Point confirmation (just in case! :fearful:).
Lifted plywood - motors slowed.
Lowered plywood really slowly - the MP didn’t go down … IT HOVERED!!!


I’m only thinking of venturing out in F1/F2 weather conditions so there will be little pitching going on but good point. My plan is to rig a plywood platform to to rear of my boat and takeoff from that. What I’m concerned about is once away from that the drone drops once over water, so downward vision system will be turned off as pointed.

My simulation was less movement than any boat. I’ve been moored up and more deck movement!

I would gauge my downward speed to be less than half that of an escalator … and it followed for about 2cm then hovered.

Note to ones self, “ will 2ft square of plywood, fit in the bag”
Very interesting experiment !

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It ended up being a plastic lid to a box. Didn’t want to wave/cut a sheet of 2000x1600 ply. Was sure I had a small sheet.

Later, I shall endeavour to do a video of this simulation.


Every days a school day, Just another thing to be aware of for the nautically minded.


Would be great to see a video.

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You really know how to live Dave ;o)

I certainly do!
Might have saved a few drones, too, in the process. :wink:


cheers for the feedback, I will at some point post some pics form afar.

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My previous attempts even even slower downward speed. Trust me not to realise it was faster when the camera was rolling.
That’s what comes of doing it in cramped space … neighbour’s garage to the right, my fence in front, parked Shogun to the left, friend’s car behind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even so, the downward movement isn’t fast.

But - it gives you the info you need. Beware bobbing boats!


Just to be a little more precise … THIS is all it took to be airborne!