Taking pictures in portrait mini 2

I have seen a couple of mentions about shooting in portrait mode on the mini 3 when it comes out.

I would assume that this will be like the 16:9 mode on the mini2 and just cut down on the amount if available resolution by just zooming/cropping the picture.

You can easily take very high resolution portrait images on you mini 2 buy just taking a verical panorama and stiching it together in post.

Most of my recent pictures are HDR photos of about 6 to 9 images merged together and that way i get higher resolution pictures with very little cropping.

Most of my photos go on social media and I actually like the way portrait pictures look on walls over landscape.

I hope this helps someone and if you want a demo im sure i can make some kind of video on the subject.

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No. The camera rotates 90° on the gimbal so that the whole sensor is logically used.

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I do the same :+1: All of my portrait mode images on Instagram are vertical panos stitched in Lightroom. As @Gavinnewcombe says, it creates higher resolution images.


Really? Cool I stand corrected. Does the A2S and mavic 3 do this also.

As far as I know it was only the original Mavic Pro, so far.


The M1P camera being rotated into “portrait” position, and back, a couple of times.


I videoed in “portrait” mode … for effect.



If only Instagram retained resolution.


If only Instagram went back to its original 1:1 ratio, life was so much simpler :wink:

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The resolution they used was a lot worse back then, though.

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*designed for the iPhone of the time

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@Drumsagard @Gavinnewcombe are you able to post some examples of your portrait photos from the Mini 2?




Haven’t really played around with panos. Is there a option to just take a 3 shot vertical pano?

Would the Light Room app on the iPhone stitch the shots?

Great photos :+1:t3:

Just take 3 separate photos yourself, keeping the drone still tilt the camera up or down overlapping each frame by about 25%. Lightroom Classic stitches them togther fine, not sure about the app as I’ve nver used it.

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I think on most DJI drones there’s a 3-pic vertical pano option.

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