Taking your drone to Bulgaria


Hi All,

I’m due to go skiing at the end of the month and really want to take my Mavic Pro along with me. Whilst the laws for recreational flying seem fine in Bulgaria the part that is worrying me is airport security, I’ve read on EasyJet’s website that I should be fine, but it’s also the return journey, last thing I want is to get it all confiscated!:cry:

Does anyone have any experience with taking there drone abroad?


Have a look through the posts in the #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad category where you’ll find quite a few posts on this subject.

When you get back it would be great to hear of your experience taking the drone into/out-of Bulgaria for others to know for the future… and we look forward to seeing your pics/vids! :+1:


Be sure to take the memory card out of the drone and pack it separately, should the worst happen, at least you’ll still have some pics and vids!

Tagging @chrisjohnbaker as I think he’s taken his drone to Bulgaria in the past?


Yes, flew into Sofia, no problems at Airport.
Took drone to the Big Culture centre in the middle of the city.
Flew along the fountains there, everything was fine.


Sofia Airport, in and out are use to drones.
Check countries drone laws now, I went over a year ago, may well be different now.
Bloody cheap grub and booze.


Hi Billy,

I went to Italy in October via EasyJet and took a Mavic Pro with me, with no problems.

I did have my batteries in LiPo safe bags which i bought off Amazon, though they never specified that they had to be.

Only issue i had was that i had the mavic , batteries and controller in my camera ruck sack along with my camera equipment and laptop and security at bristol airport, after inially scanning my bag made me empty it into a tray and rescanned it again, apparently they don’t like electronics being stacked inside bags.

When flying back from Venice had no issues what so ever !!

I know its not Bulgaria, but you may experience the same.

Hope you have a great trip




Hi chrisjohnbaker, that’s really helpful, thank you. I’ve checked the laws and that’s all fine. I’ve heard that its cheap to eat out… looking forward to going now. great video!



Thanks, Pingspike, good advice taken onboard!


Hi OzoneVibe,

I will update all and hopefully have some footage to post, haven’t flown any of them for months now.


Have a good time! :+1:


Thanks, Stuart, im the same, same bag loaded up with all the electronic gear, might need to chuck something in the wife’s bag :wink:


I had absolutely no problem with Easyjet at checkin/security (who we flew with.)
(from Stansted) but I strongly advise that you MUST put your batteries in your hand luggage, or Camera Bag in a Lipo Bag !.
I was challenged at the Gate and asked to hand my hand luggage (that had the drone and batteries in!) over to the Baggage handlers to put in the hold.
I refused and pointed out that I was carrying Lipo Batteries and that they are not allowed to go into the hold
(under Airline Regulations)
The small case went with me into the cabin and was stowed in the overhead locker safely.
P.S. Watch the Local Yellow Taxi’s if you use them, some are bloody robbers over their Fare Charges, some will double their charges to brits !!.
And Happy Travels !!


Hi Billy,

I’m sure you will be fine, as long as you keep the batteries with you as mentioned by chrisjohnbaker
LiPo safe bags will contain the fire in an eventuality. I only use them as they are a requirement for storage as per my PfCO course ops manual.

Happy travels, look forward to seeing your amazing aerial photos etc :slightly_smiling_face:


I would pack your Electronic/Electrical gear in such a way that you can easily re-pack it.
You will almost certainly be asked to separate it into the proverbial plastic trays at Security because they cannot X-ray tightly packed electronics, i split all my drone stuff up into 3 separate trays they gave me, rather than all in the same tray.
This will probably apply to both outbound and inbound flights.
I had all packed all my stuff in one single abs flight case, had a sod of a job re-packing it !.
Lesson Learnt !.