Tame Valley Canal

The thirteen Perry Barr Locks, where the level drops 106 feet, start just beyond the A34. As a child I rode down this tow path on my bike many a time. Never fell in though. The original lock keepers cottages remain. Between locks 1 (the top lock) and 2 the canal is crossed by the Grade II listed (Listed building - Wikipedia) Perry Barr Locks Bridge which I know very well after detentions from school, missing the school bus and walking home

The canal passes under the M6 where when I actually tried taking up the hobby of fishing I would settle under the bridge. Like I am going to get wet if it rained. Do not remember if I ever caught anything (maybe the motorway noise is not attractive to fish). I remember accidently sliding down the embankment into the park and got some barbed wire stuck in my head, I think there may still be a scar. The skin had stretched over it and had to be ripped to get it back out. Bloody hurt.

We used ot have our school sports day at the Alexander Stadium which was pretty good for us as it was just a short walk home.

Years ago there was a hanging subway for pedestrians under the bridge of where the photo was taken. You could walk through a gap in the wall, down a ramp and under the bridge on a section that just hung there, which would then lead up to the other side of the main road. You would then use the main road bridge to get on to the canal.

Many years ago all the subways along this stretch of road were filled in and in some places replaced with a crossing.

I went there with @foleymrs on 27th June 2024 for the RTF Canals…

Not a very good design but here is where the pedestrian subway used to be.

This one is not a drone photo but from google maps… If you look at the wall you can see the part that was filled in where the subway came up (as displayed above)

Another google maps pic on the other side shows where the other end of the subway was. There were just two ends and no access to the canal.

For access to the canal you would need to walk down the main road.

To gain access to the other side of the water you would need to cross over a lock. (next pic)

This was the top lock and the closest to get to the other side of the water from the main road.

As you can see below, there was not a lot of space to be able to fit the subway under the bridge for people to be able to get by. It was not far off head height and you had to be careful

There is access to the canal from a side road too