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Hello, new Mavic pro user, are there any clubs in the Tamworth area or any users? Looking to eventually use the drone for commercial work but would like to get used to it with other operators. Can anyone advise if they went on a course or had training before using for commercial work. Any advice appreciated.

Thanks David

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Welcome David,

With the very recent law change there isn’t the split between recreational and commercial now but you’ll probably want to look into the A2 CofC course so you can bring down the limits. Looking at around £100 for the course. Then have a shop around for insurances, lots seem to recommend coverdrone.

I’m also new so I’m sure plenty of much more experienced people will be by to say hi very soon. Enjoy your new drone!

Thanks for your reply. Are the courses online or one to one or group?

One provider for you to review uavhub.com
Many others available.

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Welcome David to GADC :slight_smile:

uavhub is a video course and is very good.

Hi David, I’m just down the A5 in Walsall. Check out the UAVHUB site and do the free trial lesson and see what you think. If you need to after that you can have a 15/20 minute chat to one of the instructors, they don’t try any force selling on you at all, just go through what’s involved then let you make your mind up.


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First name terms already mate, we’re like brothers!

Us folk down south like to be friendly :slight_smile:

I thought her name was Liv :blush:


Welcome David. I joined yesterday and the welcome has been great! Great to meet ya and enjoy the hobby! :blush::+1::airplane:

It might be in “private” moments, like mine is Julia!

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I was referring to this :blush:

No, was only quoting Liv’s comment about UAVHUB, but replying to David and saying “hello”, as us folks from the Black Country are wont to do!

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I’m fine with being called Dave if needed, whatever :joy:

Hi Julia


Alright Dave mate, ow am ya?


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Hi, the UAVhub people are very good. Just got my A2 C of C week before Christmas. You’ll need your operator & Flyer IDs. The videos are really good, short, informative in bite size bits and there’s a little quiz after some of them. There are plenty of random mock exam questions before you actually take the exam too. I’m in Derby, not too far from Tamworth. Happy Flying. Steve

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Hi Steve, you must have done your test about the same time as I did mine (18th).
I was due to be in Etches Park this morning but got cancelled due to the lockdown, but normally I’m there about every two weeks or so. There seems to be quite a few areas to fly around there.


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Hi, yes mine was the 18th too. Got the first question wrong, something to do with CAP number. Maybe we can meet up sometime in the Peak District when all this Covid has reduced. It’d be nice to have a little local club of flyers, don’t you think. I have a Husban 501 and a Mavic Platinum. what’s your weapon of choice. Cheers Steve

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Peak District sounds good when all this rubbish is over. I should be having my jab in the next month or so, then I’ll be clean and plague free!
I’ve got, are you ready?
2 Inspire 1 s
2 Phantom 4 Pro +
1 Phantom 4 Standard
Mavic 2 Pro
Mavic 2 Zoom
Mavic Air 2
Mavic Air 1
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GoPro Karma
Walkera Tali H500
Various home builds

Take your pick


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