Tatton Park Classic Car Show

Went to Tatton Park today for a NT visit and was chuffed to find out that there was a classic car show on.

Was drooling over a Ford 32 Coupe (love roadsters) and then the missus said oooh that one has a nice picnic basket

I found a restored 1960 Wolseley 1500 (my 2nd car aged 18)

and the missus took a picture of my car now…

…difference that 46 years makes I guess! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:

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Couple more for petrol heads



Gardner Diesel Engine – 6LXB, get your Whitworth spanners out :+1:

1955 Scammell Explorer.

Haha… whitworth brings back memories! Apparently this is a 1955 Scammell Explorer started life with the army as a Heavy recovery tractor and Tatton Park purchased it and use it as a mobile generator but I think the engine is a Leyland diesel with about 180bhp… less than my car! :thinking:

I used to help out a girlfriends father who ran a boat yard in Penkridge (bunch of houses now). Some of them had Gardner engines… or were they Lister? Sadly my memory isnt what it used to be . :+1:t2: :rofl:


Being involved with the hot Rod circuit for years I can appreciate anything with big v8s

Cool. Came from California, a 5.7 ltr, does about 10 to mpg and about 300 bhp. I guess compared to some modern cars thats not much but the torque would be awsome! The Healey picnic box was 12 ltr :rofl: :joy:

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3.9v8 Ford Pop & 2.7 diesel engined 51’ Dodge Wayfarer my last two cars

@Dren Nice one Obviously well modified front and rear end and a Rover V8 in the Pop? :+1:t2:

The Dodge looks a handful. Cut and lowered?

Lol a actually the pop was more of handful, tuned it up myself, only did about 9mpg, dodge had air suspension on front only, ran taxi engine for economy, sold it to a mate down near Burnham on sea, rare car in uk.