TBS Crossfire Nano TX (for X Lite / X9 Lite)

Few months old - used a for about a month before upgrading to a Tango 2.
Used with my old Jumper T lite TX and paid £69.90 from Unmanned Tech click

Sat doing nothing so will take £45 to put towards more builds

Currently running 4.11 firmware as seen in the picture below :point_down:

Are you on a fundraiser to go digital? :laughing:

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Well raising funds for more parts and potentially going digital too


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Must be missus birthday coming up :laughing::grinning:

Got a long list of upgrades but top of the lists are:

Sharkbyte or similar and everything I need to make that work with the fleet.
New toothpick build i’m planning on an Armattan Tadpole frame.
lots more batteries

I’m sure there’s plenty more as well as ebay “bargains” after a few vodkas

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Nah thats ages away yet thankfully.

Just clearing out what I dont use to make way for what I will.

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I should get a new test camera soon for the shark byte in about 2 weeks (yeah I know). When it comes, We’ll do a meet and you can try mine and Deans system, and different goggles (@Steviegeek bring that hdmi lead!). See what’s best for you.


Sounds like a bloody good plan mate :+1:t2:

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