Teesside Bank Holiday Drifting in 4k

Long time haven’t posted anything

Hope you’re like my new video


You don’t get much closer than that , very good .

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Close as it can get

Love it , I’ll show that to my son when he gets up , it’ll be dad dad I want to get into drifting “ ok archie “ you’ve said it a thousand times before :person_facepalming:t2: Maybe I shouldn’t show him , it’ll start him off again :scream::smile:

great video which model of drone were you flying?

5” Apex by IMPULSERC

No need to say it. But… damn you’re good. Respect!

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Lovely little circuit - did a trackday there years ago :slight_smile:


Brilliant. I work not far from there and it sounds awesome when the drift cars are on. The tyre smoke rising from the track makes it look like the place is on fire :slight_smile:

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I get to see that smoke up close