Tello mini drone, anyone?

This might be worth a punt at £99 quid!

Not due out until April or so.


Looks great.

DJI flight controller, intel 14 core CPU, third party controller support, FPV, vision positioning system and removable battery.

I’m seriously tempted to preorder this right now.

Would be a blast indoors.

Does sound good with fpv…

I love the idea of just chucking it up in the air to start it :rofl:

There’s a great little promo vid on the home page of this site too:


Only 100m range, only 5mp camera, only 720i video - sorry not for me.:anguished:

Spark killer ??? :smile:

That’s why I have a Mavic, already.
But for a bit of fun … could be good.

Hmmm. Wonder if we’ll be seeing more of this, i.e. third party drone makers using DJI-compatible technology?

Built by Intel! Wonder if it comes loaded with the vulnerabilities found in there chips. Meltdown and Spectre.

Would make good drone names!

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Didn’t realise the Trello weighs in at only 80 grams, which means it won’t need any registration (at least not in the States) and it’s programmable.

These and other interesting facts in this somewhat enthusiastic video.

Hopefully Grey Arrows will soon be welcoming a whole new generation of drone flyers. :slight_smile:

I still really tempted to take a punt on the Trello!

Let’s face it, it’s going to be a lot cheaper to lose a Tello than a Mavic! :stuck_out_tongue:

At 80gms it’s pretty much an indoor thing,but it could be fun in a big field and a bit of wind. £99 isn’t much to spend either - perhaps once I’ve got bored of the crystalsky I might splash out. Will it work with the Mavic controller?