Test flight today why trying to decide about upgrading

Alton in the sunshine today , trying to decide about upgrading from my mini 2 to a mini 4 pro, not sure if it’s worth the extra spend though as unable to get out and about as much now as my wife’s only carer and on pension. Second hand ones seem to be expensive compared to new as pay later options available with new.

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I’ve just been out in the sunshine with a Mini 2 as well. It’s a perfectly capable little piece of kit and handled the gusty winds along the beach with no dramas.

The Mini 4 is probably in the middle of its product lifecycle. If I were in the position to be able to afford a new drone I would hang on until the Mini 5 is announced and then give it a couple of months for the early adopters to find out the problems and get DJI to rectify them. Then I’d look at second-hand 5’s or new, discounted deals.

Funny that as that’s my view. Im going to work on the miss at least one generation of dji products. As the updates don’t tend to bring much to the table overcthe previous generation. Obviously we will have exceptions.