Testing the Nano + video, unedited


Just out of curiosity, how far forward did the drone travel from the TOLP?

500meters, that’s what I have max distance set to.

That’s quite a distance, I would need steady nerves😉

The picture quality is very impressive, you must be delighted. Do you think, potential wind issues apart, that Autel have nailed it? :thinking:

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@Xpro2 they have nailed it camera wise but I think there are still some issues drone wise, my main bug bear now is the constant “gimbal resetting, cannot take off” warnings, the slightest movement caused by wind or even the motors starting up prompts this warning, it only takes a few seconds each time but it becomes frustrating, you get the ok to fly message, start the motors then get this gimbal warning. It would also benice to have some manual camera controls for panos but they are all auto exposure which works well but I like to choose my own settings.

Thanks for the feedback, as you can tell I’m definitely a potential purchaser, but will probably wait to see what the mini 3 offers or think about the Air 2s. I love my mini 2 but as photography is my main interest camera quality is a major factor in my decision making. :thinking: