I love flying,I do not enjoy so much,tinkering with saturation and contrast etc…

Airmagic has made my life simpler and I love the results.


You’ll always be better off under exposing than over exposing . Once your sky is washed out , it cannot be be recovered by any magic .
There is improvement tho ‘ :+1:t2:

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Is Airmagic good enough as a standalone editing software? It’s a lot cheaper than Adobe products, just want to know if I can manage fine with it rather than spend a fortune on PS or LR

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Their Luminar (not free) is highly respected. I’m guessing this is a cut back version.

It’s free - so nothing preventing you trying and seeing if it meets your needs.

I keep meaning to try out Luminar, since my PS Elements 12 isn’t compatible with the RAW from my new camera (and currently having to use DNG converter as an interim step) so need to replace.

Edit: Also - if it us a cut-back Luminar and you end up liking it, and then find yourself needing something with a few bells/whistles - chances are Luminar would be the logical step since I’m sure they’ll both use a similar UI.

Edit: Scrub most of that … Luminar and Airmagic are pretty much the same price … what does either offer over the other?


Air magic looked more or less one-button “make picture pretty” (could be wrong), where Luminar gives full control. Would definitely get Luminar if I wasn’t on a “do everything on IPad” drive.

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Yup - you’re right, basically. Just downloaded and tried. Will scribble some notes in a bit.

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So - after my post above, I thought I’d try out the trial/free version of Air Magic.

I’m really struggling to see the point of it, even if it were free. (Sorry @jonathantozer )

It seems to take an inordinate amout of time to do not a lot.
You get progress(?) messages like “Adjusting exposure” that remain on screen for a crazy amount of time.
All the steps it announces that are commonplace, like that one, are all slow.

I was running in a VM (as I always do to test software), but that has 8GB RAM allocated and uses the vast majority of the CPU when nothing else much is happening. Nothing else was happening. In fact … nothing much at all seemed to be happening - even with Air Magic!

It absorbed all the CPU for ages!


Firstly it’s default processing of a drone pic …

imo - that’s not much of an improvement - or much different to the original.

The little “brush” icon allows you access to a slider to vary the amount of its “processing” you need.
This was @ 100%.

But what you get is that. No access to exposure/colour/saturation/etc/etc/etc. Just that.
So - if you want to adjust further you have to use something else.

Did I mention it took ages? And that it was on my fairly robust laptop.

This next version was the result of just one click in Adobe Lightroom CC (the “Auto” button) on my Android phone - an app that’s totally free.

I’m not saying that it’s a perfect result, but …
a) it’s better (imo) than the result from Air Magic, and
b) I could then go on and use all the other tools in Lightroom to achieve a better/different/my-preferred result if I want to.

I thought I’d check what it would do with a pic that’s a bit “different” … a very red sunrise.
Again it took ages to come up with it’s idea of how it would look - that seems almost no different to the original.

At a minimum I’d have expected it to remove some/all of the overall colour cast … but it didn’t. I’m not really sure how to interpret that. Should I be pleased that it’s kept the atmospheric sunrise colour? Or should I be disappointed that I don’t believe I could trust it to correct colour cast when it’s needed. (I was beyond the point where I thought I’d bother testing the latter.)

And they want £35?

Have I missed something? Please tell me if I have!

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Speaking of Luminar, got my free update to Luminar 3.

Its superb! They have added photo libraries like lightroom.

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It works for me on a practicle level in as much as I work full time and have young kids.
I have a drag and drop lifestyle!