The Avata inside. RC drift works. Drift cars

RC drift cars.
First kind of commercial thing.
Enjoy. :grin:

Feed back really appreciated


Tell me this place isn’t in Wigan and I never knew it existed? :scream:

I try to avoid Skem, they’ve got more roundabouts than Milton Keynes.

You mean it’s in the concourse shopping centre though? :thinking:

It’s in what’s locally known as the Conny in Skem.

Very knowledgeable guys trying to make it.

Good place to be and learn, I give it a go and it’s a real buzz. :+1:

You try to avoid skem like I avoid Wigan. It is what it is.:rofl:

As the title says yeah Concourse Shopping Centre.

That’s pretty cool all round!


Cheers mate👍.

It was a right royal pain in the backside to film and put together though :cold_sweat:

Loved it Ady, the cars look good fun

We should have a meet nearby, fly in the morning and go racing in the afternoon :+1:

Cheers Wayne👍

Not a bad idea that. Lots of countryside near by.

The cars themselves are quite fun, I had a couple of lads try twisting my arm into buying into them, but I’m all out of any spare cash to throw at them🤣. I thought the controller would give me grief with the way it’s set out having the wheel on the side, but being honest it was quite intuitive.

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… best way to “drive” any RC car :+1:

Great video and quite unique - nice one Ady :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks John :+1:

It was a challenge in every which way possible :rofl:.