The Best Time to Buy?

Does anyone have any thoughts on the best time to make the drone purchase. I’m pretty much set on a Mavic Mini Fly more deal but am not sure whether to wait till the “January Sales” or try and get something now (while the Xmas rush is on). I’m a little worried about getting to January and then finding that no one has any stock?

Thoughts Anyone ?

Has anyone got stock at the mo?

I’m thinking about buying one but will wait for a good deal as I’m in no rush.

Hmm, seems not. There’s alot of misdirection suggesting that its for sale in various places but when you look closer it’s “Call for delivery date”.

Could try Argos as they say order now, collect from Wednesday 18 December

Mavic Mini Fly More Combo £459

Thanks @SeaHunter, I hadn’t noticed this one. 33 sold in the past day !!!

Just had an email from Heliguy,in stock and assuring delivery for Christmas

Still no flymore stock though :confused:

Thanks for posting this, unfortunately I am looking for the Flymore Combo, which they only have for pre-purchase.

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Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a DJI Mavic (drone name here) deal? What I mean is that some products offer deals based on how much the retailer wants to discount a product. However, some manufacturers just say that’s the price this item costs and there is no variation between retailers.

Do DJI do sale prices or is there list price what they stick to in all cases?

I guess I’m asking because if DJI don’t do deals or discounts then there’s little point waiting for the new year sales if I can get stick now.


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It’s pretty rare to get discounts on current DJI drones through official channels.

Superceded models are often discounted but it’s rare on new models.

With the current demand I cant see any decent discount any time soon unless its cashback or retailer discount code.

DJI sale currently on, but I doubt you are going to get a discounted Mini any time soon from them.

I’d recommend (again) waiting until Very get stock, opening an account and getting 10/20% new customer offer

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@milkmanchris Thanks, that’s very comprehensive. I get the impression as do you that there won’t be any deals on this Mini any time soon (other than your suggestion for getting it direct from Very and qualifying for the new account discount). However, I really like the Heliguy offer of a 12 month free Care Package on the fly more combo.

Good guys up there, and I do like to support the smaller retailers where possible, but at the end of the day the price has got to be good.

Heliguy responded to my question on stock very quickly. The rush has been for the Mavic Mini Fly More combo specifically, they think that the pre-order sales will be satisfied within the first two weeks in January 2020.

I see from your profile you are in Dundee

How about Argos, stock this week in your area.

Might be worth checking your employer benefits, if you have any. I get 6% discount on Argos gift cards through Edenred.

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Thanks @milkmanchris - I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I considered the Argos entry yesterday. In the end I am holding off with them for a couple of reason, chief among which is that they are going to be next to useless should anything go wrong and I need advice. They are a tenner more expensive than the other retailers and everyone else is making the effort to offer incentives. I know it’s only a tenner, but I’m not actually in a desperate need. As you have pointed out, my location does not lend itself to “ideal conditions” at this time of the year and it may be better for me to go with someone who may deliver in the new year, but will be available with some level of subject matter understanding should I have a problem. Thanks again.

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Thats what we are here for ;o)

Hah! you know, as I wrote that I was thinking to myself “and if they are not then these folks will probably have my back” :wink:


Be quick, only TWO left in stock:


Plunge taken. I have gone with the HeliGuy deal and the free Repair Package. Just need to twiddle my thumbs for a couple of weeks. That’s the Mavic Mini with the Fly More combo.