The Buzzing Garden - Saltwell Park - Gateshead

The Buzzing Garden is a National Garden Scheme garden within Saltwell Park, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Permission to fly and film in the park is required, and was granted by Gateshead Council.


That’s a pretty & calming looking place ….

I haven’t been there for many years - looks lovely.

I remember as a kid they had a jumbo jet you could play in, it was great fun.

@ Kirky It is, but it’s a pity the cold spell hit before I could fly there.
The frost has hit it hard…

@howard78 - that’s well before my time…

That makes a pleasant change. :+1:The ones I’ve spoken to aren’t interested unless you grease their palms with cash! :grin:

@D0c.Col The whole process was surprisingly fast and painless…!

@mollin I tried once on Staffords Council website. It said to apply using link provided… came up error 404 every time. :roll_eyes: Dont bother any more! :rofl:

@D0c.Col Sad, isn’t it?

Years since I’ve been there, that area was all grass and there was a couple of pens with goats in near that bird cage that had fancy birds and hens in, I remember the plane fuselage smelt of oil, I think they used to have the emergency slide deployed from one of the doors

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A lady stopped for a chat while I was there, she said pretty much the same thing.
The pets corner is still there…

That’s right. I remember playing on the slide many times.

However this was way back in the 80’s :sunglasses:

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