The Cubs

The Cubs in the garden


Wilma, my favorite … She was called William until she had cubs :joy:


That’s a decent size Skulk.

@SeaHunter Thanks Dave, sadly since lockdown we are down to 2 cubs and no young badgers :pensive:


Could the young cubs have gone off to get territories of their own & raise their own families?

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@Photobird Hi Paul, yes the male cubs most certainly would and of the females some will stay close others will move maybe not as far as the males. Lockdown and covid caused more and more people to walk in the woods, a trend that has not changed much so as a result their habitat has been damaged/reduced and the amount of dogs has increased, a bad combination for foxes. On a happier not greenfinches and goldfinches seem to be increasing :grinning:

One of the two me had last year



This cub is 3 of 10 :slightly_smiling_face:
Looks like I reduced the quality too much for easy uploading


try using webp format for easy upload, free programs such as irfanview will do the work for you and still look great

Thanks for the tip @mynameisjoe I have Irfanview, but don’t use it much, I must give it a try again

@The-Hive we have merged them all to this thread

Brilliant thank you, lesson learned :+1: