The DJI (Mini) propeller screw problem

I’ve seen a few posts about the problems that people are having with changing propeller blades using the free screwdriver “kindly” provided by DJI. Further investigation led me to YouTube where a guy was performing an emergency prop change on a rocky beach in Spain.

Apparently, the screws that DJI use to secure the propeller blades (at least in the Mini 3 Pro) look like Phillips but are in fact “JIS” standard which have a different profile where the screw “cross” meets. This is the reason that screw heads get chewed up when using a Phillips driver, even of the correct size.

So I’ve ordered a set of JIS-standard mini screwdrivers off Amazon for £14 and will post an update here if they’re satisfactory. Hope this helps!


The JIS screwdriver set arrived from Amazon and it seems to actually fit the propeller screws: the feel of the bit in the screw is very different. I’ve included some pix which will hopefully show the difference.

The new set

Tip comparison

Using the DJI 'driver

Using the JIS-standard driver

This is the exact screwdriver for the screws, in case anyone wants to only buy one

Wera 1550 PH Kraftform Micro ESD Screwdriver for electricians, PH 000 x 40 mm, 05030117001

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I’ve found an excellent one on Amazon, it works so well without stripping the screws, you don’t even have to warm up the screw before hand to soften the loctite

Correct me if I’m wrong but if the screwdriver is PH000 it’s not jis. It’s a Philips.


I don’t think it’s recommended to use Loctite on the screws, as any overspill can attack the plastic of the props ?

The screws come pre-applied with blue loctite on the ends.

Unforutnately all the new screws from Djy already come with a tiny blue dab of loctite on the tip of their thread, if you look at them closely you’ll be able to see, so there’s no avoiding it.

@barnybug exactly mate there’s no getting await from it, and I think it is for a good reason that a tiny amount of loctite is necessary on such fast moving items.

Definitely! I’d much rather that than the risk of it vibrating loose! This could be the reason they say not to re-use screws.

be careful with the use of added loctite

be careful HOW exactly? Did you not read that the Dji original screws already come pre-loctited.

Also note and the Dji props are not nylon so there is no risk in them melting like in this video you showed.

The screws come pre-applied, that’s dried and OK. Don’t add wet/fresh loc-tite to props, ever. I guess you could drop a little on a screw and let it dry for a few days, but I personally wouldn’t risk it.

On our FPV drones we use nylon locked nuts, and they don’t come lose (well often), just use loctite on the frame screws.

Yes, exactly that. The PH000 fits perfectly.


I need to change couple of propellers on my mini pro 4 drone … but the skewdriver that comes with it is useless
Can someone please tell me what type of skewdriver I need to change the propellors. Thank you. Steve …

@Tooting37 we have moved your question to an existing thread that covers this subject (and contains the answer).