The Dream Saint Helens - Merseyside

Finally got my hands on my first drone, went for the Mini 4 Pro for travel purposes.

Love the new perspective for photos :grin:

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If you’re up that way again, have a look from directly above it.

I only live 10 mins away, had a try from above but couldn’t get it to stay central……still learning

Just followed you on Insta. I’m Osdog… The dream is somewhere I am going to aim for next time I’m in the locality. Good shot

Thanks, It’s a lovely place, if you need any tips on parking ect feel free to ask

Love the image, I just got one also. Loving it but weather is a bit frustrating today and seem to be a lot of restrictions down here.

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I used to live in Stockport - so it wasn’t difficult to get there. I’m just a tad further away these days… :slight_smile:

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Ah nice, my office is in Stockport so know it quite well