The Falkirk Kelpies Scotland Mavic 3


Ever since finding these late one night driving up north, I’ve always wanted to capture them at night again, what the area like for drone use? Obviously at night not anyone around

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You need to find and take off from public land, as they don’t allowed drone flights .

Where did you fly from , obviously you flew during daytime?

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Cross over to the other side of the canal, there is a public footpath the follows the canal ,the power pylons are just behind you cant take off from the kelpies ground as its a no drones policy. I took off from public land at 19:15 as the groundsmen finish at 7pm and as does the burgers vans and many leave the grounds.

Wow thanks

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look at my video you will see the sports fields 100% legal to fly from there.

Depends on what drone of course ;o)

Either M2P or my mini 2

Great subject well filmed :+1:

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and on who owns the sports fields.

And what those uninvolved folks are doing ;o)

This is awesome, very cool location

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Nice one John
I checked out this venue last year and saw the power lines. I’ll probably go for the canal bank if I ever get round to it…
Another good one is in Port Glasgow check it out.


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Mel if watch my video I was directly over the canal which gave me plenty room and a good view of the powerlines which I was well clear of.i actual did two videos of the kelpies 1st one you’ve seen as a poi the other is free hand, and I just flew over and well clear of the power lines which never affected the drone at all. So it is possible to do a remote flight or freehand flight.
Ps thanks for the heads up.

Mel I live in Edinburgh too and a mate of mine who’s into drones too we go out as much as we can, we’ve plans for a trip up to dunotter castle sometime soon.
Mel do you have a YouTube page