The Falls of Falloch

Today’s Highland Drone footage is from the second drone flying stop on the first day of the holiday, taken during the 8 hour trip north to Drumnadrochit for our Highland Spring Holiday, and of course, it is the Falls of Falloch, about 4 miles from Crianlarich.

We left home at 345am, so were at the falls for about 745am, which is why I had issues with the low sun in some of the footage. The falls were quite tame this visit as there had been little rain for the past few weeks - we have seen them in full roar before and mightily impressive they are - but still, a pretty spot that we had to ourselves for 25 minutes…


Very nice video thanks for sharing


Thanks, and thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

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Great video guys

Thanks, all my work, hubby is a useful spotter though… Anyone any ideas how to get him flying?