The Flying Scotsman on the Ribblehead Viaduct

Quick video from my outing earlier to see the Flying Scotsman traversing the Ribblehead Viaduct.


Fantastic, I could almost smell and hear it, what a beautiful train.
Was there a diesel at the back? Normally there in case of engine problems.

I think there was an engine at the rear, unfortunately my low battery forced a hasty retreat so I didn’t catch it all as intended.

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Nice video, Mark. :+1: I just posted a couple of my photos from today. They had the diesel on the front. Kind of spoiled the shot I was going for. I would have said you had better luck but maybe not with the crash landing!

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What a beautiful machine this is.
But I suppose I am biased being a Doncastrian

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Great capture :clap::ok_hand::+1:

It’s annoying the mini 2 doesn’t capture audio like the old Mavic Pro did, would have made the recording more authentic.

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Only through the phone though, it had no onboard mic.

Easy to recreate with any sound recording app

Great video footage of a bit history well done​:+1::+1:

What a fantastic video , first class flying pal , well done

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Fantastic, this is top of my Drone Bucket List, some day…

There’s a pub serving food by the bridge and plenty of nice walks, as well as being popular with train enthusiasts.

Done a bit of checking and the Flying Scotsman is gona be down south later this year, got to get out and rece some locations
Flying Scotsman to ‘fly south’ to the Bluebell Railway this August - Bluebell Railway in Sussex (