The Forth Bridge, North Queensferry and Inverkeithing

Here’s my first video edit. Lots to learn and I’m just starting on my journey.


Great video for a first attempt, nice and smooth, well done. I’d suggest making your videos about half that length, most people won’t watch for over 6mins (I stopped at 3 :blush:).

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Thanks for the comment. :+1: I’ve spent a good portion of today installing and trying to work Davinci Resolve. In between eating chocolate :laughing:

If the YouTube chapters were working you would see the first part is about 3:20, second is 2:30 and the last is 1:10.

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Stick with Davinci, it’s a great programme :+1:


Well done paul nicely done keep it up :ok_hand::+1::clap:

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Thanks Colin.

Lovely beast in your profile pic. I’m hoping to get my Fireblade MOT’d and back on the road in the next couple of weeks.

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Cheers paul great i got mot tomorrow on street triple r

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