The 'FT Aviator' joystick controller

Seen this?

What do you think? :thinking:


“CES 2019 Innovation Awards”

That show starts in January. I think they’re “from the future”. :wink:

Isn’t everything on Kickstarter from the future? :smiley:

I don’t quite understand this claim though:

Single-Handed Drone Controller

As every single photo and video shows people using both hands?!

If it’s replacing the RC … where are the antenna?
Or is this additional in some way … three things connected together.

I can see where one handed controls are handy when you need to free up your other hand but seems completely pointless when flying drones.

Unless you maybe want to smoke a fag, drink a beer or eat a pie.

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+1 for the pie.

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Deffo like the idea of 1 handed and a pie in the other.
Pure bliss.


I’m guessing nobody here is backing this on kickstarter then :rofl:


I see this is due out very soon, not sure if i’m sold on it tbh :thinking:

Moved your post over to a pre-existing thread on the item.

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If you post a YouTube url direct to a post on its own line, rather than using the link button, you get an embedded video …

I did that, then deleted it and put a link lol :crazy_face:

Ha! :+1:

I’ll own up,If I get an itchy bum…:blush:

so “am out I won’t be investing”

And they’re still calling it a single handed controller… :roll_eyes: