The Glen and Loch Eddy near peebles Scotland

Some photos taken today at The Glen and Loch Eddy near peebles Scotland


i posted the very same photos on a facebook drone group and facebook has blocked me from posting to groups anyone any ideas why

Upset anyone ?

I have absolutely no idea… I very rarely post on Facebook, I was suspended when I pointed out that an item for sale was in fact stolen, the police got it back but I got censured for reporting a crime :confused:

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No I just posted the same photos I just
Posted a few mins ago. Banned from posting on fb groups till Dec lol

Did you post to a few groups quickly or just one ?

It was a facebook drone group I posted on lol but was facebook who blocked me from posting to any facebook group I don’t manage ?

Was just 1 group lol

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And it didn’t even get on the drone page

I think it maybe because your pics and videos are just to good , there’s no point in the rest of us ever taking a drone to Scotland as you’ve done it all and done it so well it’s just pointless to compete lol . Love your pics and videos just really jealous of your talent but stuff fb keep up the good work.

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Lol I almost believed you there for a min
The glen Estate is just stunning place to go a lot of thought has gone into the grounds .some of the Scots pine trees are massive with branched as thick as trees.

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Facebook are now allowing me to post
On drone reason to why they banned me nothing

The ban has been removed but nothing from Facebook to explain why