The Grand Hotel, Scarborough


Not the best photo on a cold January at Scarborough (YORKSHIRE). Seagulls going ape buzzing the Mavic


I know the feeling very well Brian, had it myself in Blackpool the other week, great picture though !.


So what’s the response at this point? Quickly climb? Sports mode and away?


Yep, Up as fast as you can, birds can dive quickly, but not climb as fast.
Do not fly forward, just push stick up.
Certainly cannot fly vertically !


UP FAST, and away then down as quickly as possible when out of their way. I’ve had bird attacks a few times and found the best way is UP, for the reasons that Chris has said.
Only yesterday a bird of prey swooped down onto my Mavic but broke off the attack when I went up.
The first bird attack I ever had, I made the mistake of going down and a whole flock swooped DOWN, how I got away I don’t know, but it was close, I went back a week later and went UP, they flew around underneath but didn’t bother my Mavic again allowing me to clear out of the area.


Whats the time of day @Brian looks very quiet


1300hrs. Or 1 ‘o’ clock if you want it pre-decimal.
The beach only had a few dog walkers AND… wait for it…
FREE PARKING along marine drive until the 1st March.
That saved £7 for the day. So spent it in the shops, just to let them know the princes still walk abroad. Lol


Not done Scarbados for years (since they started charging for parking everywhere) usually end up down the coast nearer Hornsea (about my nearest coast)


Added a bit of Razzle Dazzle :wink:


Does that mean you ”HDR’d the shit out of it™”? :thinking:



Actually I thought that was rather restrained :wink:

Now THIS would be HDR’ing the shit out of it!!!


I used to live at Withernsea till 5 years ago.


Hmm that’s nicer, looks almost spring like