The Great Big - DJI Flight Simulator Thread

Yum :yum:

There is a free version - I’ll be trying this tomorrow :+1:

I used to use Phoenix quite a bit - but the physics on the drones felt wrong - hopefully this is going to better :slight_smile:

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Thanks Spike - I was trying to edit the link on the iPad :smiley: - No Joy

Well - after having a play with the sim for the last hour or so - I can confirm the built in Sim in Go 4 is redundant - this is where new pilots, (I believe we’re pilots now :wink: ), should learn the basics.
Atti mode is available for all models too :+1:
Unless you have a Mac :rofl:
As a 1st release to Joe Public it’s Very good - there are a few quirks, (the Spark keeps a level view in Sport mode for a start!) - hopefully ironed out as it’s updated
If you’re not used to playing games with a keyboard you’re going to struggle if you don’t have one of the supported controllers.
Physics are a LOT better than anything I’ve experienced in the Phoenix flight sim.
Cant wait to get support for the Spark / Mavic controllers.
A big thumbs up from me.

I’m going to try it out too, I’ve got Real flight with a dedicated controller, it’s good but not as good as ReflX XTR . I haven’t used any of my sims for a number of years now…

I used it mainly with my old Blade 350QX - now that quad felt fast :smiley:

:see_no_evil: “need a new computer” so I’m out.

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Anyone got it to work with the Mavic 2 controller or is support for this still a work-in-progress?

Edit: even though the MP2 controller is listed as an option in the latest update, I can’t get it to work. (Can’t get the keyboard option to work either).

Ive been trying it woth my mavic 2 controller…thought it was my pc playing up, but in the faqs, it says mp2 controller not supported yet

Downloaded it, & as soon as I tried to run it my anti-malware software quarantined the .exe & that was that!

Pretty much says it all :blush:

Just spent the last three hours racing, and crashing the Phantom 4 Pro as well as flying the M2P and Inspire 1 Pro around the city and island, I now have a headache :exploding_head:
It’s not bad but would be better if it was free to us that have already paid for our UAVs

BTW, I used one of the spare Inspire controllers, I’ve not worked out how you view the video and photos you can take yet though.

Your eyes?

Not sure, some video games have that effect on me too, that’s why I don’t play them anymore.

That’s why I now ware :eyeglasses::eyeglasses::eyeglasses::eyeglasses::eyeglasses::eyeglasses:

I’m in denial :grin:

I’ve just read on Inspire Pilots that the price for the full version of this is $800, I’m guessing there won’t be a lot of sales for this :rofl:
Crazy money.

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That’s ridiculous money.

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I thought the same, someone said they wouldn’t pay $50 in it’s current state.
Not sure how long the trial lasts.

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The fact you can get superb racing drone simulators for under £20, DJI are really taking the piss if that the case.

It’s a DJI thing, look at what we are all choosing to fly, silly prices for everything they sell really and we are all addicts.
Some of us more than others with the obsession :blush:


Can’t see myself rushing to buy. What are limitations of the free version anyway?

Edit: looks like it just supports free flight modes - hopefully not time limited