The Great Big GADC 5th Birthday and Treasure Hunt Challenge!

Apart from the red one closest to the white wall of the pub and the two red ones not opened at unoccupied tables.

If any contestants feel that they would be better off being judges than enjoying the flying opportunities that the challenge brings please DM us. We would love to be out in the sunshine chasing down items :sunglasses:


Climate change strikes again …

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Geeze, keep it light guys. Just a bit of bants between contestants.

We try to keep it light. But the banter got a little heated last year with some unpleasant DMs being exchanged between contestants.

The problem with text is simple. There are bo facial cues or body language to accompany the words. Emojis are a poor substitute. What is intended as banter by one person can be seen as a personal affront by another.

Which is why we prefer judging be done in public by those who are running the competition - we are accustomed to veiled abuse :slight_smile:


8. A Landscape not in the county in which I live :white_check_mark:

  • An area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) or NSA (Scotland) :white_check_mark:
  • A 360 degree panorama (hosted on Kuula) :white_check_mark:
  • Drone Scene entry :white_check_mark:
  • A screenshot of your existing or newly added Members’ Map entry :white_check_mark:

river kent estuary in Cumbria I’m in Lancashire

Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Storth, river kent estuary - Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North West (

Taken today 07/08/22 at 07:30 with the Mavic 2 pro
claiming 5 points s’il vous plaît

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20. Allotments

  • More than 24 sheds / greenhouses in view
  • At least one person sitting in a deck or camping chair
  • At least one person wearing a red top

would a patio chair count or does it have to be deck/camping??

I see I’m not the only one who was up early this morning taking photos. It was very windy as you can tell by the flegs on the lamposts. :joy:
Taken 7/08/22, with Mini 2 around 8am, Carrickfergus Co. Antrim.
It’s a Churchill MK VII Tank, located at the Carrickfergus War Memorial garden on the seafront.

It’s another task crossed off my list, but just one point please:
A Military vehicle :white_check_mark:
In motion :x:
Not green :x:

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5 points Mais oui Mais oui

1 point awarded :+1:

Thanks for the query Steve. Basically we are looking for a portable, folding style chair that could be stored away. If by patio chair you mean a white plastic non folding chair, this would not be accepted :slightly_smiling_face:

Heads up to anyone up north looking for a wooden bridge.
If you are thinking of going to low park wood suspension bridge
What 3 words

Google Maps

Unfortunately it’s fenced off for repairs and will be for the next 4 weeks, the overhanging trees are too much as well to fly through to get a shot.

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Item 22. A Static Caravan Site

Min-y-don Holiday Park, Harlech. Taken 04/08 12:42, M3P

Claiming bonus points:

  • 24 or more mobile homes
  • All pitches occupied
  • 5 or more mobile homes with green roofs.

4 pts please.

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I’m having to withdraw from the competition, work commitments and having just spent £900 on getting car serviced. I’m not going out much lately. Spent many nights planning on visiting locations for that perfect picture, service bill has stop me wasting fuel for time being. Good luck to everyone else


Ouch! Sorry to hear that Adrian, you were doing OK too. I’ve my road tax, a car service, car insurance and home insurance all coming up at the end of the month, not looking forward to it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Whilst monitoring our local dual carriageway for various coloured vehicles, I captured an image of the vehicle below. “Brilliant!” I thought … “that looks a bit military, and it’s not green … get in!”.

On closer inspection it turned out to be one of those fancy expedition camping trucks :frowning:
Still pretty cool, not seen one in the wild until now :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that Adrian,

We would never dream of suggesting that you put these well researched locations up for auction to help the highest bidder amass a winning total … :slight_smile:

If you get a chance to continue for fun we will be very pleased to welcome you back. And after this ends we will be returning to the gentler challenges of the RTF Competitions - see you there!

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Sea Spirit RIB - Lyme Regis, taken today at 12:41 with Mini 3 Pro

It is yellow & black (even if the sun makes part look a bit orange). I did try and chase it, but even in sports mode it was too fast :joy: :joy:

4 points claimed

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Four points.

We are wondering what was used to capture their promo video:

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no idea - but it is fast whatever it is…

I just have to learn to fly lower… (not as easy as it sounds)

Water tends to be flat, so in one respect the flying is easy.

But below about 10 metres the VPS(Visual Positioning System) is controlling height and it gets confused over featureless areas or repetitive patterns.

Water can be both (

If you have a spare couple of grand a SwellPro is a useful piece of kit