The Great Big GADC 5th Birthday and Treasure Hunt Challenge!

Welcome to the 5th Grey Arrows Drone Club Birthday Challenge and Treasure Hunt.

There are cash prizes of £200, £100 and £50 to be won and unique 2022 Challenge winners’ medals with associated bragging rights!

You are requested to find and photograph the following numbered subjects. Each subject has one or more bonus items (bulleted) associated with it, A clear picture of the subject and any bonus items earns points. The person with the most points is the winner.

This is NOT a photographic competition. Please feel free to offer your most artistic pictures but be aware- it is the content of the picture not the composition that wins points. We accept images from drone cameras, single frames from video and screenshots of phone apps all with or without OSD overlay. The picture simply needs to show the subject and bonus items clearly.

Please read the rules (below) carefully. even if you remember them from previous challenges. They have changed. Entries that do not conform with the rules may lose points or be disqualified


Welcome to the 5th Grey Arrows Drone Club Birthday Challenge and Treasure Hunt.

PLEASE read and understand these rules before flying. They are NOT the same as last year’s or the years’ before.

The Challenge:

  • You have a list of 24 objectives that form the Treasure Hunt.
  • You gain a point for posting a photograph or video that matches the requirements of each objective.
  • Each objective has one or more bulleted items underneath. A bonus point will be awarded for each item fulfilled.
  • There is no need to achieve all the objectives or to gain maximum points for each.
  • At the end of the Challenge the person who has accrued the highest number of points will be judged the winner.
  • The object is to “collect” items to amass points. There is no requirement, other than your own pride in your artistry, for aesthetic appeal.


The first-placed contestant will win the top £200 cash prize. They will also win the unique 1st Place Gold Trophy Badge for the 2022 Birthday Challenge that can be displayed on every post that you make in the forum. :1st_place_medal:

The person who achieves the second-highest number of points will be awarded £100 cash and the 2022 Birthday Challenge 2nd Place Silver Trophy. :2nd_place_medal:

The contestant who has accumulated the third-highest number of collected items will be awarded the 3rd Place Bronze Trophy and a cash prize of £50 :3rd_place_medal:

In the case of a tie for first, second or third place(s) the relevant prize(s) will be apportioned equally between the tying contestants.

The Rules

All flights are the sole responsibility of the individual conducting them. Each competitor must abide by the drone code and adhere to the limitations and restrictions imposed upon them by aviation law, the aircraft being used and the qualifications they hold. Landowners wishes and permissions must be respected and adhered to. If a flight is undertaken in a restricted zone proof of permission having been granted is required.

1. To enter an item for the Challenge you need to make a post in this thread containing:

  • Your photo or video - entries should consist of single images unless otherwise specified for the subject being captured
  • The number and name of the objective it relates to
  • Which, if any, bonus points relating to that objective you are claiming
  • The location from where the picture was taken and the aircraft used
  • The link to the newly published information in Drone Scene (if required as a bonus)
  • Any other information that has been requested or a link to it

In the absence of Drone Scene information you MUST state when and where (geographically) the photo/video was taken and provide some information about any significant items included in the image

To earn a Drone Scene bonus a Drone Scene marker and description must be placed on the map shortly after your flight and the link to it included with your image as part of your competition entry. The place to which it relates must be at least 1 kilometre measured on the Drone Scene map from any prior entry for the same subject. If there is such an existing marker then the Drone Scene bonus cannot be awarded.

Failure to include the required information may result in your image being rejected

Example entry below

2. Entries:
You may only post TWO entries per day during the Challenge which will run from 00:01 Sunday 17th July until 2300 on Saturday, September 3rd… All entries must be taken within this time frame, any photos or videos taken outside of this time will not be accepted.

Once your entry has been confirmed as eligible and/or added to the Leaderboard it may not be replaced or substituted by another entry at a later date

Entries must have been obviously taken from a drone in flight and within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland except for our overseas members, all media must have been captured exclusively in their home country.

In the case of any dispute or query the committee may request the original, unedited and uncropped image that has formed part of a submission. This may be sent to them by means of a message to @Challenges_Committee.

3. Format
The objective illustrated must be framed as the dominant subject of your image; the judges may disqualify images they consider do not match this requirement

Only one image is allowed per post, the image may only illustrate one objective. Two or more images captured from the same location will be disallowed.

Unless otherwise specified the image must be a still image as it came from the camera, a single frame from a video. or a screenshot from a phone / tablet / controller screen. The image may show OSD information. Cropping is allowable but no colour manipulation, copy/pasting of other images or erasing of any objects in the original images is permissible.

4. Help
If you are unsure about the definition or specific requirements of any item in the treasure hunt list or require clarification of a rule please ask first, before going to the effort of capturing your intended subject. If you are uncomfortable asking in public, message @Challenges_Committee for clarity and confirmation

5, The stern stuff
The Challenge Committee reserve the right to modify the rules at any time, including retrospectively to existing entries, should the committee decide there was an unforeseen loophole that has been exploited.

Any concerns or issues regarding other competitor’s entries should be expressed in a private message to @Challenges_Committee for investigation. Attacks on fellow contestants in the challenge thread, whether justified or not, will not be tolerated and may lead to loss of points or disqualification for the complainant.

The Challenge Committee’s decisions are final

Example entry:

Item 33. Monument

  • With a statue
  • Fountain(s) adjacent
  • Listed building
  • Drone Scene entry

I claim 3 bonus points for:

Nelson’s Column
Nelson's Column - Wikipedia

Trafalgar Square, Central London. 30/08/2022 DJI Matrice 600, Zenmuse z30

I was unable to make a Drone Scene entry as it has already been claimed

4 points total, please

Please remember:

All flights are the sole responsibility of the individual conducting them. Each competitor must abide by the drone code and adhere to the limitations and restrictions imposed upon them by aviation law, the aircraft being used and the qualifications they hold. Landowners wishes and permissions must be respected and adhered to. Flying in restricted zones is allowed only after permission has been obtained from the relevant authority

If you have read all the way to here then well done, good luck and, above all, HAVE FUN!


Your subjects:

1. A Railway signal box

  • A Side-Tank engine plainly visible in shot
  • Drone Scene entry

2. A Dual Carriageway with Red coach or bus (not minibus) / White car / Articulated vehicle with blue truck cab

  • All on same carriageway - i.e. heading in same direction
  • All in same lane
  • No other vehicles in between
  • In bus / car /artic order

3. A person or persons windsurfing

  • 5 or more, any colour sails
  • Single colour Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White sails in same shot

4. A Military site of either World War - wiki or website proof to be posted with your image

  • Used in First World War but at no point used for military purposes in the Second
  • Aviation use in either war
  • Run as a tourist attraction (website or wiki entry to prove)
  • Gate guardian (an aircraft or vehicle “standing guard” at the entrance}
  • Drone Scene entry

5, A Clock Tower

  • Clock showing ten o’clock
  • Ten o’clock being 22:00
  • Drone Scene entry

6, A Church or chapel

  • With a spire
  • For a further TWO bonus points - Flight conducted wholly inside an FRZ (Evidence of permission to fly such as an email required)
  • Drone Scene entry (with correctly entered FRZ permission details)

7. A Freight train (Standard gauge rail) Photo or a video of less than 30 seconds (hyperlapse allowed)

  • More than 20 wagons
  • All the same type of wagon (except locomotive(s) and guards van - if any)
  • All the same logo on wagons or containers (except locomotive(s) and guard’s van - if any)

8. A Landscape not in the county in which I live

  • An area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) or NSA (Scotland)
  • A 360 degree panorama (hosted on Kuula)
  • Drone Scene entry
  • A screenshot of your existing or newly added Members’ Map entry

9. A Country house hotel (Website or guide book entry to prove)

  • Marquee erected on lawn
  • Series Landrover or Defender in car park
  • Drone Scene entry

10. A Truck mounted Concrete pump

  • Erect and in use
  • Predominately red
  • A “Readymix” type rotating drum truck loading the concrete pump

11. A Bowling Green

  • A match in progress
  • All players wearing whites
  • The green attached to a pub
  • Drone Scene entry

12. A wooden bridge

  • Carrying a wheeled vehicle
  • Spanning a river (must be marked as such on Google Maps)
  • Drone Scene entry

13. A Military vehicle

  • In motion
  • Not green

14. A Funfair - this must be presented as a video of less than 30 seconds

  • A Ferris/big wheel in motion
  • Shot at night
  • Hyperlapse - time compression of at least 5 to 1

15. A sailing vessel with a cabin

  • Sails are unfurled
  • Sails aren’t white or off-white

16. An isolated tower (NOT a wind turbine tower)

  • No other structure or buildings within 150m.
  • Drone Scene entry

17. A Quarry, sand or gravel pit

  • Still in use for original purpose
  • Dragline excavator
  • Drone Scene entry

18. A Waterside Pub (no road between the pub and the water)

  • At least 3 red table umbrellas
  • Drone Scene entry

19. A railway level crossing

  • 6 or more vehicles waiting to cross
  • A red vehicle closest to the gate on each side
  • Train crossing over the crossing

20. Allotments

  • More than 24 sheds / greenhouses in view
  • At least one person sitting in a deck or camping chair
  • At least one person wearing a red top

21. A 5 or 6 a side football pitch

  • Two or more games in progress
  • Floodlit
  • At least one team in yellow shirts

22. A Static Caravan Site

  • 24 or more mobile homes
  • All pitches occupied
  • 5 or more mobile homes with green roofs.

23. A Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RIB or RHIB) in motion (visible wake)

  • Three or more people on board
  • Two or more outboard engines
  • No part of the boat to be orange

24. A Marina (for boats) - website or guidebook showing name includes “Marina”

  • Both sailing boats and power boats moored to the jetties
  • Drone Scene entry

25. Create a unique GADC Birthday Card from scratch and post the photo

  • Post a photo of the card suspended from a drone
  • Decorate a cake - with GADC written on it - and add 5 birthday candles (photo)
  • Fly your drone to blow out all the candles at once (video)

The above four items may be photographed by any camera. Videos must be 30 seconds or less.

  • Post a photo or video taken by drone of an organised public celebration


04 09 22
@john768 91 1
@Acedrone 89 2
@Dronegeek 88 3
@firstadekit 79 4=
@D0c.Col 79 4=
@Barry7 73 6
@ximi 55 7=
@mynameisjoe 55 7=
@TheFatController 51 9
@markas 44 10
@Drumsagard 37 11
@jon1 36 12
@Dorje 34 13
@stevesb 30 14
@Dren 24 15
@clinkadink 16 16
@Gavinnewcombe 13 17
@Bobbysmile 12 18
@kvetner 9 19
@joec 7 20
@onanist 6 21=
@WeeJubya 6 21=
@Borg42 4 23=
@earthmonkey 4 23=
@CheerPhil 3 25

These are the final scores and placings

E &OE. Points still in dispute will not be posted until the situation is resolved

Pwb lwc everyone. Due to fostering demands it is highly unlikely that I will be entering, but I will watch and cheer from the side lines.


Woohoo, Dronémon 2022 :grin:

At least we have one less this year - but at first glance it is going to separate the men from the boys.

I suspect I will be with the boys - my 3rd place last year might be the high point. :joy:

But my spreadsheet has been created!


@Challenges_Committee If someone hypothetically posted two of the same item, but from completely different locations (e.g. a Signal box in Yorkshire, and then one in Cornwall), would they get 2 points, or would only the first one count? Asking for a friend.

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Once an image has been posted and accepted as valid the points that it has scored are placed on our master scoresheet. As the rules say:

Once your entry has been confirmed as eligible and/or added to the Leaderboard it may not be replaced or substituted by another entry at a later date

So - one entry per subject

Trade secret - there are several of us looking after the competition, we all have other lives. So the first person to look at an entry will add the points to the scoresheet if the entry is valid and leave a :+1: at the bottom of the post to indicate that the entry has been validated and scored.

As we all have other duties - family, work and the like - you may not get an immediate response but someone will sort your query as soon as :slight_smile:





Roger that …

(Slowly puts away British Rail track map)

Good morning question regarding item 12 Wooden bridge.

Does all of the bridge have to be wooden ie road and sides? I have a bridge in mind but it has metal poles and mesh 2 ft in along both side above road level

Plymouth about to become a pincushion on drone scene, you can get about 5 of these in one flight

not sure which 5 :joy:

Hi John,

To meet the requirements of the entry, the main structural elements of the bridge need to be wooden. So this would include the road and the sides.


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2,4(possibly),6,7,8,9(possibly),11,13,14,15,18,20,21,23,24 all exist within the city bounds

I know you can get:


in one pano if you get the timing right (although not with many extra points), trade off is it’s too windy 80% of the time to get up in the air

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As per the rules…

So mega-panos displaying multiple subjects = nil points…

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@Challenges_Committee if you alter any rule or item will you be mentioning it here?

I note that the first two posts have had changes, which I assume to be grammatical or emphasis - but just checking.

Just tagging

Number 1 - " A Side-Tank engine plainly visible in shot"

Please can you clarify on what this is

I don’t stand a pup’s chance of winning as there are a couple of impossible ones (due to my location), nevertheless, as per last year, I’m hoping to get at least a few entries in, just for the fun of of it. Good luck to everyone.