The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!

Just to prove I left the garage! The MiTo was fun, too - just the 404bhp in that one…


I was out testing my new Nikon Z8 this morning, I wandered along the Clydeside then stopped off at Celtic Park on my way home. Image quality from the Z8 is amazing, huge files though.

Pre dawn light and a ful moon (wolf moon) on construction work on Glasgow’s latest bridge, connecting Govan and the Riverside Museum area.

The Clyde Arc Bridge at sunrise.

Celtic Park.


Fire at Manchester Airport this morning…

It is of course the fire training mockup :wink:

Screengrab from Simon Lowe Aviation livestream

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I took my Nikkor 43-86 3.5 out today, mounted on a D750. It is the second version of the lens, not quite as bad as the first but pretty much reviled by most any way. You can see the distortion going from pincushion to barrel as you zoom in, the chromatic aberration is obvious too. But, even without specific lens correction in camera or Nikon’s NEF converter the results can be ok.


A couple of different views of the Mersey Gateway Bridge (new Runcorn Bridge, taken this morning whilst out walking the dog.


Early morning walk at Throop Mill with the Canon R50.


The Calls, Leeds.



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Leeds Dock this morning.


Wow those top 2 :ok_hand:t2:


Great photos @Kings

For a bit of context on the last one, for those that might be curious

The DJI Photo 3 was put to use today to try and improve my skills of editing some pictures from this camera ie cropping etc.


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Not long back from there, took the Mini 4 :grin:

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I spent the day in Glencoe, a day pretty much spent, driving around chasing the light. In the end I decided it was a black & white day :blush:

The Three Sisters, Glencoe - Nikon Z8 1/30 sec @f16, 64iso.


Fantastic picture :+1:t2:

Thanks David :+1:

While out flying in the glorious sunshine :sun_with_face: yesterday I took a few images of the drone.


Captured last night using two small LED torches to light up the castle.

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Work and weather permitting, I’m hoping to get across to Whitby for a camera day before the start of next week. Other than the whale bones, abbey and harbour, does anyone know of any interesting/hidden away photography subjects in and around the town?

Thanks in advance

The lithenth plate on my Uber yesterday.