The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!


Many of us have taken some amazing photos with cameras that are not attached to our drones.

With that in mind, I thought we could share them here, inside the ‘Great big non-drone photo thread!’

There’s only one rule for posting in this thread:

  1. You must not talk about Fight Club!!!

Oh, wait, wrong rule…

Try again:

  1. Your photos must NOT have been taken with a camera attached to a drone :+1:

So with that in mind, you can post as many photos as you like, as often as you like, taken with any camera (apart from a drone) and taken at any point in time!

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I’ll kick us off…

I’ve long been a fan of taking great photos with seemingly crap cameras.

Every photo in this post was taken with a five year old iPhone 5S and none of them have ever been edited, these are all direct from the camera roll in my trusty phone :+1:


Few more, again all taken with my current iPhone 5S:


And last batch for now, again all iPhone 5S.

A few close to my heart favourites, mainly because my best mate is in them :blush: :paw_prints: :dog2:


Couple to get started


Those last photos are cracking mate.

Favourite is second last… Or maybe last…Cant decide


First submission …. The Basilica of Francis of Assisi in … Assisi.

Taken on a long lens whilst laying in my tent just over 2.25km away.


Few shots taken on phone while out walking

Looking out to Arran

On peak of Goatfell Arran


8 weeks to 8 months


Good old Goat Fell … only 47 years since I was last up there! Uni Geology field trip.


Only 874m but still bit of a slog as you start at sea level.

Lot of respect for the nutter who dragged this to the peak.



We walked … OK … TREKKED … from Lochranza to north side of Brodick (where we were in a gest house) VIA Goat Fell … in ONE DAY. I recall being pooped that night. :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds more like a severe punishment than field trip.


Uni field trips are where I got the “really-long-walks-even-in-shitty-conditions-if-you-have-the-right-clothing” bug. :slight_smile:


Any photos with dogs in them will always win a Like from me guys :blush:

@MementoMori loving that first photo in the second batch mate, with the tree :+1:


Where’s a pic of my ex …. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok some of my photo over the years
Taken with various Sony cameras
And IPhones


It’s the beginning of the end I tell ya


A few from an olympus, first the pack

some Russian warships

UK scenes