The Great Big Non-Drone Photo Thread!

Really? I disagree, although the ‘sud’ was a great piece of engineering it’s build quality was appalling. Although there were many crap cars built in the era in my experience as a mechanic of the era, not many displayed the rate of corrosion that this car did. Here’s why…

That’s an appalling article. Virtually none of it is true. Someone’s Googled a lot of nonsense. The factories in the North had more strikes than in the South (and the Alfa Sud factory is still, there - the Alfa Nord factory is a Primark). The untreeated bodies left in the rain never happened. The workers weren’t labourers dragged out of the fields - Pomigliano was an aero engine factory before the Alfasud project. There was a long history of engineering in the area. The porous, pre-rusted steel is a fantasy made up by right-wing politicians to discredit the left-leaning government in Rome.

I had a 'sud, two Sprints and a 33 built in he same factory. The Alfsaud did have some rust - but no more so than the stuff my Dad drove. The two Sprints were immaculate, as was the 33, although that was much later.

My firat Sprint waa written off in a accident and, while I waited for that to get sorted out I had a Datsun Cherry of the same age where all the steel in the bumpers had dissolved away and only the chrome was left.

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Clearly we’ve have had different experiences of the marque and there is always 2 sides to a story.

So I finally got to visit London’s highest free viewing platform at Horizon 22 in the City of London. 833 feet up on the 58th floor you have some amazing views on London.

As a child I remember the NatWest Tower (pictured) as it was called then being built, and it was at the time the second tallest structure in London.


As a child I remember the GPO … sorry, Post Office … sorry … BT Tower being built, and had my 18th birthday with a lass as the restaurant rotated.

That was, in its day, the tallest building and viewing platform in London.


And has been recently sold off by BT…

Before it got demolished by Kitten Kong :wink:

… to be a hotel. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve had 15 and lots of experience of other marques. I think for the Alfasud thing you have to establish that it did rust more than its contemporaries (there’s no question that it did rust) and then find a reason why. I’ve not seen any conclusive evidence of the first and all of the second is demonstrable nonsense.

What’s undoubtedly true is that the repuptation stuck in a way it didn’t with any other brand. Deserved or not.

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Journalists personified

All they do nowadays (more than ever) is fill the gaps between the adverts.

@speedracer66 The era I of my youth was 40 yrs ago Guy, but I bow to your persistance enthusiasm and boundless knowledge and think we’ve hijacked this thread long enough. :+1:

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I’m glad they have hand rails along the footpath on Lancaster quay to stop you falling in. :laughing:

High tide yesterday on the river lune



I actually worked at a pub doing a karaoke and it is along the flood barriers. Luckilly not on the day but there are occasions when the river is SO high that it is up these sheets of toughened glass and there is about 2 ft of water waiting to come and say hello if a piece of glass failed. I do not know how comfortable I would feel knowing what could happen at any point.

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Absolutely, you wouldn’t want to get wet :rofl:

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Few pics from last night around Leeds.


Some photos from a wedding I shot yesterday at Boclair House in Glasgow. It rained for pretty much the whole day, but the couple were determined to get out for some photos with their venue as a backdrop. Boclair House looks great on the outside but is also stunning on the inside, which makes my job slightly easier when the weather is bad and you are stuck indoors.


Marshall + Sons -Traction Engine

Engine Number 81970


First time there’s been a clear night and the moon’s been up since I got the Seestar.