The Hill Pass

Shot with my Mavic 2 Pro and edited with LumaFusion on my iPad Pro 10.5.


Nice Valley shots and the colours of the trees @Homer
also goes well with the music

Where was that shot @Homer mate?

Enjoyed that . :+1:t2:

Great Video @Homer

Beautiful video - beautifully shot and edited!

So good - I knew I had to stick it up on the big screen, and the quality wasn’t so good. I guess my early Chromecast isn’t very 50fps compatible and throttled the res. Via HDMI from my laptop, however, it was fine!

You know one think I’d love to see? The same video uploaded to Vimeo!
Personally, I believe Vimeo are better than YT at maintaining quality in their streaming.

Very nice!!! love the colours

Hey Pingspike, it was shot on the mountains around 1km past Nant-y-Moel on the A4061. The place has amazing views but the wind currents are always complex and slam you into the sides of the mountains unless you are very careful!
Coords: (51.6389825, -3.5337343)

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Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Ozonevibe,
I uploaded it to YT at 1080p and I noticed the same issue too. I’m going to try Vimeo - I hope it will be better. I think YT focus on delivering media to mobiles these days but who knows!

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Here’s the Vimeo link, it may be better if you’re having a problem with YouTube:


Comparing just the 1080 feed on Vimeo, the tree detail, etc., is better than YT.
For a video that deserves to be watched and enjoyed, it makes that subtle improvement.

It totally deserves the Movie Director badge! It did in its YT format … I just overlooked whilst thinking about the Vimeo aspect.

Seems like I need to get the newer Chromecast, too … even from Vimeo it wasn’t liking the 50fps … or something about it. This hobby even costs money without flying! LOL

Yes, I agree! TY is a paid in the rear.
If you actually go into the video settings and change it to 720p or higher, it then seems to serve a better quality. I’m pretty sure if you clicked the ‘promote’ button and bunged them a wad of cash, the video would suddenly become better quality!

Hi @Homer
How are you geting on with the Luma Fusion, I just picked up a 12.9" iPad Pro 2nd Gen and was thinking of downloading LF.
I’m not very experienced with any sort of video editing, is it easy to use?
Cracking video

I honestly can’t heap enough praise on the app. I spent nearly a whole day with a friend who uses Adobe Premiere who was ‘showing me how to edit properly’ using the Hill Pass footage and honestly at the end of the day, I walked away glad that I could do what he did on his ‘proper’ software but in a tenth of the time!

LF makes it really easy to edit and you won’t be sorry you bought it. I’ve never done any video editing before and it took me no time to produce decent (for me) videos! Also, the support forum is great and not filled with snarky aholes like most of the Adobe forums are!

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Thanks for that.
Have hit the button.
Doesn’t seem bad at £19.99 for iOS.
One day I might have some footage worth posting!

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@mickydd Steven Spielberg is quaking in his boots :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Lol, look out for my new video, “close encounters of the dangerous kind”!