The House between 2 Bridges - Anglesey

21 shot pano taken on the Menai Straits. Forgot my filters hence a bit blown out but hey ho. Got an “obstacle” warning half way thru - was either a shitehawk which was buzzing the drone OR the sunlight issue that sometimes occurs without filters when it points up into the sky.

No colour grading done, the sea was indeed that colour from 200 feet up.


Nothing to do with filters … since they don’t cover the forward sensors which can get “dazzled” when the sun is low in the sky.


Oh yes, that pan is impressive. I looked at the vid too - those island houses look fascinating. You are in a great area, hey.

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A lovely photo, well done!
Have been to your area many times, you are sooo lucky, although my area ( Ewloe) does have its rewards for Drone flying.

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Aye, we are lucky in that respect - easy access to wide open places so always something to explore. Thanks for the comment - appreciate it.