The house that was never moved in to?

You tell me where it was filmed?


I’ll have a wild guess and say “from the air”… :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
Seriously, looks like that unfinished building out near Aldwincle.

No guess again lol.

You sure?
Known as Lyveden New Bield out near Aldwincle.

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Yes sorry bud, didn’t recognise the village name, probably closer to Brigstock

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Excellent filming - very interesting site. :+1:
Its either the next residence of @chrisjohnbaker OR
It was where the “Ginger tosser” and his “American Quin” were going to reside - to pretend. But when the public refused to pay they left it alone and sulked.
My vote is on “His Lordship the Baker” - known as “Quad Castle” :slight_smile:


It was you who nicked my lead roof then Ted !.
Some thieving barstewards about ! .
I did invite the “Ginger tosser” for a “Weekend Shoot”, until he found out he was “The Target” !.


Twas me your lordship - BUT I did get a good price you will be pleased to know. I assume I’m off to the Colonies then ?
You always did have a fine way of choosing your targets tho, I’m ready to load up the blunderbuss sire against said Ginger Tosser usurper.

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Lyvden New Build


Great photos, can you advise What app/ package you use to get your name on the stills?

Stills processed through photoshop, with signature blended on through a separate layer. Signature design was done by a company that was advertising on Instagram, but you can design your own. Hope that helps.

So that’s where you got the money to fund your last drone !.

Sod the Blunderbuss !, just stick a spear up his arse and I shall spit roast over open coals, and feast on him, with a jug of fine Mead !.

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Got some nice still too.


Stunning set of images.


Thanks I’m still Learning as had no clue when I started.

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No sire, that money went to fund the new wife :slight_smile:

Your age related soft spot is becoming worrying - too kind by far.

If your going to build a house, THATS a house !!!
Cracking photos.