The militarization of the FPV hobby begins? Rotor Riot & Fat Shark guilty by association

A press release from Red Cat :scream:

Bardwells take on this

And Botgrinder

It’s funny as, on the one hand, I agree with the videos. BUT, when the invasion of the Ukraine started was the community not coming together to collect drones and send them out there to be used by the Ukraine military, knowing full well they were strapping granades onto them?
Like Bruce said with his boots analogy, if we delve deep enough into most large companies, there will be a large percentage that have some form of involvement in war.


Historical of course and not drone-related but you only have to look back at German industrialists in WW2. IBM stands out, as does Hugo Boss and even IKEA - suffice to say that where big money is involved, corporate ethics are often ignored.

Not forgetting Werner Van Braun and the likes, German rocket scientists who developed the V2 and went on to work for the Americans in the space race. :wink::wink:

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I for one will not be supporting/watching any Rotor Riot content or Fat Shark

This can only be damaging to the hobby

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I’ve already unsubscribed from their youtube channel :+1:t2:

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The issue is that it’s never going to change. innocent technology has been converted into weapons for years. It’s nothing new. I think it was a bold move and a pretty stupid move from Red Cat to come out publicly as well, but on the other hand, at least they’ve been honest about it.

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I’ve followed Rotor Riot and that Le drib from my first encounter with drones

He has sold out to kill people, he can fuck off

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Same mate. :+1:t2:

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If Britain was invaded, how many of you would join the resistance and volunteer your drones to drop grenades into open Russian tank hatches ?
Or even just to be a spotter for those who do ?

(If anyone wants to turn this into an actual poll, please feel free.)

Having a moat 26 miles wide would probably prevent that, as the Russian army have struggled to completely invade a military inferior country it has a land border with. :grin:

But if push came to shove i don’t think we would be needed with the whole of NATO fighting our corner. But yes i would use my drones.

Has the USA been invaded?