The Pennine Ways

We visit our friends who live on the Northumberland and Cumbria border and it is a great opportunity to get some great pictures of the scenery. Whilst travelling back after a day out I pulled over to get some images of the valley where the small village of Eals is located. Got this amazing panoramic picture at 400ft which showed some amazing colours. I know nothing of photography so I normally leave settings in auto. No bad for an amateur photographer I suppose.


Taken in panorama mode? How many images?

Mavic Air 2 using the built in function and it takes 9 images.

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Also moved the post over to #panos (short for panoramas) rather than #photos . :+1:
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I just recently got a MA2 and used the “auto panorama mode” it’s amazing. BUT i found out that you will only get the .JPEGS. If you goto “settings” whilst in pano mode you can switch it to “JPEG + RAW” instead of 9 pictures it does 21. You can just chuck them into Lighroom and merge them. My result was a 250Mb RAW panorama, it’s insane.

OzoneVibe Can i please have my Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge please? My introduction post contained a panorama :grinning:

I am not a photographer so I just click and shoot. I can’t even spell lightroom let alone know how to use it. :thinking: :sweat_smile:

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Nice shot!

Only a recent convert to drone ownership… But sycamore gap (Hexham ish) is on my quickly growing drone bucket list!

Good to know there’s plenty of other pretty country up there to shoot when I make the trek up the m6

I’m not the best either but a few tutorial vids really do help expand your knowledge and the drones capabilities.

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Great cloud effects, Dave. The MP is amazing.