The software and modules in our radios

This is probably a silly question, but I want to check my understanding of how the software “sits” on our physical radios.

We have a module (I have 2, 1 internal, and 1 plugin), and they both have their own firmware which you can update…

Then the radio has an SD Card, and I assume a flashable bit for the radio firmware (Edge TX V2.x… or whatever).

The SD Card I guess contains the models, scripts, sounds, etc and the flashable bit is the OS/Software for the version of edge TX?

Are these assumptions all correct? I believe I’m at a pain point of where the Edge TX devs changed the way models are stored at some point, and I may just wipe the whole thing, update everything (internal module keeps moaning for example) and then slowly add models as and when I’m going to use them again and setup all the screens the same, have proper photos, etc…

BTW I’m running a TX16S with EdgeTX 2.6.0 from January, and had bought a better 64GB card months ago it’s about time made it into the radio (still on whatever original SD Card I was provided back in… whenever I bought the thing)

Hi Martin
I had difficulty transferring my Open-TX models to Edge-TX
I wasted so much time on it, in the end I said F… It and just setup new, from scratch. Much better :smiley:

At the time the Edge-TX GUI configurator was not stable and also caused me problems. It’s much better now so if I was doing this exercise again I’d create one model on the TX, then use the GUI to copy and edit for all the other models.
I’d say this is best option :+1:


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Models are not stored on the SD card at least not only on the SD card, as you can use them without an SD card.

Apparently the models ARE stored on the SD card for the newer versions of Edge TX. I will go for a clean install and reset from scratch, be nice to do that anyways, as @Steviegeek says copy models probably makes it easy anyway :slight_smile: