The Town of Peebles Scotland


Cracking photos as usual :clap:

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Aw thanks very much mate. its the drones not me I just point and shoot

That’s what they all say :joy:


Nice John , I’m in that area mid April, got a cottage booked for a week in Galashiels , took photos of Peebles, st Mary’s loch and grey mares tail last year :+1:t2:


The Scottish borders are stunning, recommend a visits to Scots view

scott’s view


My hometown, lots of these views on my flickr page, great shots!

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Thank you

Hi Mandy I had a look for you on Flickr,can you tell me your flickr name as it’s all new to me,thanks

Hi Franky, you should find my photos under j.imac or Ospreywatcher. Look up my albums, there is an album of drone photos I have taken. Hoping to get out flying soon!

I’ve seen them amazing mate,bit pissed off,drone insurance company lied to me,but I recorded his bull lies,come Monday will see what his boss has to say guy was a tool

What’s the problem? Have you crashed your drone?

No my friend bought his at the same time, he’s from Doncaster and has the DJI mini 3,I have the pro he paid for 6 months £58 I was quoted £141 for 6 months after the guy talking rubbish the quote was £47 I said do I have ground cover like my friend as his iPad pro is covered,as I have a galaxy I can’t get ground cover for my pad but they want £55 just for my DJI RC controller and pro drone, sorry it’s a bit long winded lol just telling it how it went.
I just wanted like for like paying I wee bit more for the pro,as it only has two sensors more.

Hi mate I could do with a bit help :sob: I got an email from DJI saying I have to make a video as I’ve had it over 48hrs I’m not sure if the want the controller video or phone ?

If we could keep this topic on the subject of the town of Peebles in Scotland, please.

Did I post in the wrong place ?

Sorry I can’t help, I’ve had no dealings with DJI as I was given mine as a present and I don’t have their cover package.