There was no Avata's mistreated in this vid.....well

An hour out with the Avata this morn, great sunrise, bit breezy. All done in sport mode, FCC, motion controller. I have found, that, using the M controller, although PROPER fun, doesn’t like to descend, I mean, doesn’t want to follow a dip on a hill :thinking:. Maybe fighting against the on board safety dynamics? Crashed a few times because of it, expecting it to dive down quicker than it does? Watch out in woodland, on an incline, heading downwards :wink:


Looks fun to fly

Looks like great fun with some cracking tunes :man_dancing:

Thank you​:+1:. The tunes are from the late 80’s, warehouse classics, you can’t beat em!:grin:. Probably get a copyright strike for them off YT​:rofl:.
Great fun, yeh,but you want to see the crash compilation I’m putting together :joy::joy:

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@ 2:05 …

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Haha, yeh squeaky bum time​:grimacing:, closed me eyes for that one! Believe it or not, that was me first attempt, just to see if I could pull it off, tried it a second time as part of a run and stuffed it into the wet ferns​:joy:. You live and you learn apparently :thinking:?
I originally wanted to come in from the top, but the Avata, using the M contr. won’t go down that steeper incline, in sports mode :confused:
Cheers Dave👍

Yeah, some old-school classics there!

Looking forward to seeing the crashes - is it pretty resilient so far?

Some seriously awesome flying there Sir. It was another great reason for me to leave my MA2 in the case and stay in LOL

REALLY resilient :rofl:. I took it into the woods, just in normal mode(quick enough in there, got some footage, that’s up next​:+1:), I hit some bona-fide trees, not twigs, but solid timber. Concrete on the other hand maybe different :thinking:, although I have seen a guy on YT smashing his about a bit.
One thing I have to say is, its quite water proof/resistant , I wouldn’t fly it in the rain, but there was some serious dew on the grass yesterday morn which it dealt with👍.
The only issue I’ve had, like some others online, is one of the gimble grommets popped out, I think from a direct hit from a branch, they are murder to get back in​:tired_face::rage:. Having said that, the gimble /camera was always going to be a week point. I also use an fpv battery strap to further hold the battery in, there’s been cases of them popping out on impact.
Yer can’t beat the old tunes, from back THE day​:+1::crazy_face:

Haha, thank you. Although I think a lot of it was to do the ultra wide lens and the fish eye effect👍. It’s just so much bloody good fun to fly.

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Love this. Looks such good fun flying the Avata. And great music!

Thank you very much. Nice one :+1:

Excellent video :+1:

Thanks for all your comments. Appreciated👍

I want one!