They are at it again..The newspapers - terror attack warning

Downing Street warned ‘only matter of time’ before drone attack as Xmas terror fears soar

It’s a rehash of previous articles just to scare monger.
Most of what is said is yes possible, but it has been proved time and time again in Afghanistan etc to be highly ineffective.

Gutter press.

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Now, Mr Buckle claims, "heavier duty – but still off the shelf drones can carry IED (improvised explosive devices) flying at 75mph are able to stay aloft for an hour or more".

Not sure what he’s flying but I want 1 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It’s a diversion from reading all about No 10 having had illegal raves while the county was in lockdown last year.

Personally I’m sick of our sleazy politicians, we at least have a chance to vote for another party with a unique sleaze plan too.


A few of the comments in the paper by ignorant readers say Ban Drones…They tend to forget a car packed with explosives is more dangerous…
In Malaya during the Emergency (1948-60) commies used bycycles with their hollow frames packed with explosives…VERY effective.

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If they were to ban everything which could be used to deliver explosives we’d be back to the stone age :confused:

Mr Buckle is obviously a Walter Mitty. He’s missed being the centre of attention over the years and so has embellished his background by claiming he worked for MI6 while a journalist. In actuality he wrote generic articles about the various security services, all of which contained equally generic info and most totally incorrect.

Those of us that have worked within and for the various security agencies can spot such a fraud at a 1000mile distance, and we don’t use our career experiences in an attempt to validate ourselves. The same goes for that ex Royal Marine, Aldo Kane, whom fronted the BBC documentary “Britains Next Air Disaster: Drones?”. It was obvious he knew nothing about the technology, other than what he’d seen on the “XXX Has Fallen” series of films. But the BBC used him because he looked the part that the public thought such a person should look like. That’s possibly one of the reasons he never made it into the SAS.

The majority of the UAV’s that were used by ISIS and similar terrorists in the field were constructed from foam board and cheap electronics, because they were unsophisticated and didn’t start broadcasting their position when they were switched on.

Any sensibly minded person would appreciate that the threat of a drone attack from a couple of nut jobs in a London Bedsit is magnitudes less likely to happen than those same nutjobs to run down a crowded street waving some big knives, or to drive a rental van down a busy shopping precinct. Soft targets by their definition are easy and therefore more likely to be effective, and garner a much bigger reaction, than to go to the time and expense of planning and executing a technology driven attack with a much lower probability of success.

I’m pissed off now and likely to do something stupid later today.


Let’s be honest here… if some evil element has terrorism in mind and it doesn’t matter what medium they use they will …when the knife attacks in London took place they never banned knives…or when they drove the car into the gates at Westminster they never banned cars… or when they flew aircraft in to the twin towers they never banned airplanes … if a someone has evil intent in mind, they will do whatever it takes… and one of our best defences is intelligence led… and we all comply with the rules and regs so as not to bring any further unnecessary restrictions


Or the IRA’s Transits with their roof cut out and upward firing mortars in the back!

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