Think I killed a bettery

Been testing some settings in the back garden today and checked Airdata after the flight, think I have killed the battery I was using. This doesnt look normal to me. Checking the rest of the battery details everything seems normal


Anyone seen this sort of thing before, got it on charge again at the moment so need to test it again later.

I’d suggest a really deep discharge/recharge cycle before jumping to conclusions.
Can’t recall what my issue was a couple of months ago on my P2 battery … but this resolved it.

Did the mavic show up an error?

Its only 0.1v out. If the mavic is reporting it as healthy it might be airdata has a lower threshold for errors.

Usually with an unbalanced cell, the intelligent batteries won’t charge full stop.

I’d expect it to be fine after a discharge and charge cycle.

There was a battery error warning on the RC.

I’ve completely discharged the battery now, down to 10%, used it to charge my phone. Was hoping to test it again but bit late now, will charge up again next weekend and check it out.


Small update, the battery is dad. There is a cell imbalance showing on the RC and battery on the RC also. Magic don’t even start up with this battery, time for a new one.

Anyone seen any deals, my local Argos has them for £85, anything cheaper?

Send it back to DJI. They replaced one of mine a few weeks back that was nearly a year old…

Thought they would only take them back within 6 months? Will give it a go though and see what happens.

It’s a 12 month warranty in the UK.

They really should state regional warranty lengths but simply say you are covered by local consumer law or something similar.

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Consumer Rights Act was updated a couple of years ago and states that if a product doesn’t perform as advertised or becomes unfit for purpose within an unreasonable timeframe then the seller (not necessarily the manufacturer) has to be given at least one opportunity to replace or repair the product. If the replacement / repair is unsuccessful then you’re entitled to a refund.

General rule of thumb for electricals is that you should get at least 12 months (a reasonable expectation) - you can still claim after the 12 months but at that point the onus is on you to prove that the item is defective as opposed to “wear and tear”

If you didn’t buy direct from DJI then start with the retailer.

Hope that helps - good luck!


To the best of my knowledge, DJI warranty is only 6 months.

@HobbyMounts ?

Did you return the battery, been looking and site suggests not to return faulty batteries.

Just go here, open a case, and they will do the rest including arranging shipping:

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My battery was 11 months old and they replaced it. I didn’t even buy it directly from DJI. I was so impressed, I had a new one back within 2 weeks, didn’t cost me a bean.


Here’s the thread about it on MP: Low cell voltage.. | DJI Mavic Drone Forum

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Case opened, will get an email in 2 working days apparently.

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Good Luck Creaky hope alls good
keep us informed

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Received a shipping label via email today, so good so far. Just need to get a box and bubble wrap now to send it back.


Just had an email from DJI which says the are repairing the battery free of charge. Hopefully it’s a new battery though but will need to wait and see.


Excellent news!

Did you make a note of the old serial number?

Yes, parcel is due for delivery today via UPS.

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