Thornton Steward Res Yorkshire Dales

Mavic Mini, basically one of my first attempts at a video


First attempt? C’mon, this is awesome :ok_hand: really nice to watch :+1:t4:

@McSteamy2010 Thanks mate, appreciate the feed back

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Brilliant! Loved that especially the sun on the water shots

Made me a bit nervous when you were skimming the water :hushed: How high do you recon you where above it to get those great shots

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It’s attempt!!! This is bloody good, the music you’ve chosen is inspired as well, no don’t tell me…you can play the piano as well?
The sun dapple on the water is awesome.

If this is your 1st attempt, I’ll give up making videos!!! You just destroyed the belief in myself!!!
Keep up the excellent work


I was about 4ft I think…I figured as the water is flat I shouldn’t hit anything except maybe a rouge swan

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Thanks Brian…sadly it is not I on the piano, don’t have time what with being an Astronaut, heart surgeon, and in MI6, have to have some time off lol


Maybe this will be my finest work and it’s all downhill from here

@PaulF Really nice work mate.

For some reason i can’t see that happening!!! That just classy stuff


F…g amazing!!! it’s back to the drawing board for me. I’d be using Litchi or Drone Harmony to get anything as good as this.


Here’s another attempt at Thornton Res…I caught the weather just right.

Great shots. No problems flying over mirror-still water, then?

Thanks Alastair

No problems at all with still water, the flight was just perfect