Thread locker

Simple question really. Those of you who use it, do you apply and let it dry before screwing in, or apply and screw in. I’ve been doing the latter, but think it’s probably better to apply to end and then screw into motors, bottom plate, etc? Going to redo mine later so… Vote below, hehe

  • Apply and screw
  • Apply and wait, then screw

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depend on the make but the one i used was apply and screw

Ones I’ve used apply and screw , not used on drone tho for motor cross or were there’s vibration as such but I’m sure it’s used on some parts of drones as you know

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Ive used the wife;s nail varnish for years, Apply & screw up (as in tighten :rofl:…)
. Locks well. and easy to unlock when required…cheap as well.

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There’s a hack

Aye…us old aeromodellers were doing this in the 40s/50s when modelling was balsa wood and before plastic… it was a razor blade. OMY Bals cement and “chuck it and chance it…”
Cant beat experience lad. :rofl: :rofl:


Read the instructions on the tube, or from the manufacturer’s website.
As far as I know, it is usually designed to set when the screw has been tightened into it.
There are about three different strengths, ranging from vibration resistance to eternal immovability.

Agree, apply and screw…I believe the “blue’” type is the better one to use, certainly on the props as it holds well enough but you can still remove the screws without chewing them up.

A lot of threadlocks also only cure in the absence of oxygen. I use Loctite in the main and if spilled it can be wiped up days later. Put it on a screw thread and and its set in under an hour.

I just use super glue. Or if I’ve run out, I use the wife’s nail varnish.

Thanks all, seems the way I was doing it was the way to go, it’s just when I replaced a motor the other day the screws that came with had the blue on it, so I thought… hmmm should I be applying it first (less messy as you get a bit on the frame, etc. I read the instructions for first time (had it a year, lol), and states apply and screw straight away, so…

On the props? You mean motors? I just use the nylon locking nuts for props and not had a slip since I first started out… :wink:

This is the stuff I use. Just put it in a milk bottle lid and dip the screws in then apply. Cheers!

I was meaning when replacing the props, tiny drop to stop the screws coming loose which I have seen happen on some quad YouTube sites.
Didn’t know there were nylon inserts.

Ahh maybe we talking about screwed in and nut props. I’m thinking FPV, are you talking DJI camera drones with screws? TBH never replaced a mini/mini 2 prop! Also my t mounts I dont use thread lock…

Ahhh, yes I’m talking Mini 2 props and alike. Sorry for the confusion …was a bit early in the day for me!!!

Haha no makes sense, and if ever need to swap props on the mini will dab a little on :wink: