Thunderdrones and

Does anyone know why Thunderdrones has parted company with All reference to him has been deleted.

No idea. I did have a conversation with him a year ago and found him to be very very knowledgeable and helpful, tho he could be very ‘prickly’ character, but we are all different. I hope he hasn’t departed this mortal world.

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Was the go-to guy for repairs for the citizens of the US.

May be MavicPilots wanted a referral fee.

This was all I could find:

So alas, no idea… :man_shrugging:

All his posts have been anonymised as “Former Member”:


And his profile is inaccessible:

They already charge people to become ‘Approved Vendors’ -

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Saw this on mavic pilots also,and did notice people complaining about Rob (Thunderdrones) bumping posts down in the classified section.had a look ,and must say he had a hell of a lot of adds in the classified section,so maybe he was being to pushy? he also was very unapologetic about his posts.Dont know if this was anything to do with it.Strange but guess we will never know the full story…:wink::wink: