Thursday afternoon at our stables

We have a horse stabled 20 mins away from our home which allows us to leave for good reason, while the wife was sorting out his stable and what not i took the advantage of getting the drone in the air for a very brief time… i used literally 40% of battery before getting summoned to help…


Oh and i nearly forgot to mention this is the first time since probably November i got the drone out and very nearly had my first crash…

I was flying low to try and get a close up of the white bush’s / hedges… what I didn’t take into consideration was the stopping distance once releasing forward direction on the controller ! Needless to say my arse did tweak a little :poop::dash: :scream:


Good to see the cars are also practising social distancing :smiley:


Even the three horses in the last picture know how :joy:

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f riding a bike is classed as suitable exercise - is riding a horse the same ?
I will be delighted if we go back to horses !!!
You got some nice cranes and things in the background to get the drone over too.

Because horses are livery, we are partially exempt from the lock down as we have to tend to the animals needs, however having said that it does not exclude us from the government guidelines and we still need to adhere to all rules, this means we cannot ride them or use it as a social excuse… we can only exercise them and carry out our day to day duties as an owner / carer for the horse and all activities with them need to be kept to a minimum.

We still need to exercise the social distancing with the other owners so we have all agreed “time slots” for tending to our livestock.

The cranes in the back is Canvey Docks… I’ve never really thought about heading over there in all honesty wasnt sure if i would be tress passing or not. I live 400 yards away from a growing airport so taking flight out of my own garden is a huge no no :roll_eyes: so taking advantage of the live stock is a huge yes yes :wink:


This is our Horse (Pony) Patrick… not taken by my M2P but was taken using my handheld Fujifilm HS30 EXR camera in manual setting.

You can tell from his smile, he thinks he’s highly hilarious as he “horses” around.